Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I've Been Remiss

I've been a tad remiss as of late when it comes to recording funny things said and done by the kids. It's just that the popular social networking site I visit is such an easy place to share stuff, but I need to do it here, as well, since this is going to become a permanent record of such things (as soon as I can manage to make the blog into a book, that is). 

During this pregnancy and subsequent business with a newborn, I have allowed myself to take the route of convenience rather than taking the more difficult and verbose route of blogging. It doesn't have to be verbose, I guess, and I don't set out for it to be so... I suppose it's just that I am prone to be that way. 

Plus, I guess it feels a little repetitive, since many of the people who enjoy (I hope so anyway) my blog also are friends with me on that other place. I don't want them to get tired of reading everything twice. But, I've decided that they'll just have to get accustomed to it and laugh twice. 

Big has said two funny things recently and neither one of them made it here on the blog. I posted them on that other place, though. I would hereby like to apologize to Big and his funny statements. I will try to begin to make amends by posting them now. 

Big was playing with Ginger and I overheard him say, "My name is Kevin, but people seem to call me 'Fevin' a lot." He appeared to be quite upset that people can't get his name right. And, no, his name is not Kevin. Today his name is 'Raja'.

Big is just getting over a cough, and the other day when I reminded him to cough into his sleeve so he doesn't give it to someone else, he said with dismay, "You mean, I have to keep it?!" He doesn't have the cough anymore, and none of us have it, so I'd like to say 'sorry' if he gave it to you just so he could get rid of it. He's a sly one, that Big.

Anyway, so I'll try to be better at blogging. At doing justice to the crazy life I lead. Then when I'm old and recount stories to my friends in the home, my kids can correct my outlandish exaggerations because they'll know the truth from reading my blog that I made into a book for each of them. Or maybe I'll just write outlandish exaggerations from the start...


jww said...

Big is SO funny. Thanks for sharing. I find that I get lost on facebook from time to time, and sometimes it's rather time-consuming to sit and scroll through the "I'm standing in line at the grocery store" posts to ones I'm actually interested in. So I'm a blogger first and a facebooker second. It fits me better. Or maybe it just fits my verbosity better... :) Anyway, don't worry about putting cute quips (or other comments) twice, because some of us are probably going to miss one of them.

Melody Joy Fields said...

Love the comment about his cough! I'm willing to laugh twice. You're the one who inspired me to start a blog, so don't beat yourself up. You have a blog at all, after all, *and* you have FIVE kids. Plenty of fodder, but you have to shovel a lot of, um, stuff, before you have time to write.

The Laundry Queen said...

I'm glad I inspired you, Melody! I love what you've written so far.