Thursday, April 28, 2011

Two Months with Edith

It's hard to believe it, but Edith is two months old as of yesterday. She's been around the block, like, twice now. Things are sooo much better than they were a month ago-- she's eating better, no oxygen hose to get in the way or annoying nasal cannula to curse... we're pretty happy about that. And next week we should find out if we get to rid ourselves of the apnea monitor. Fingers are crossed.

We've learned a lot about Edith in the past month.

She's starting to lose the long tufts of hair that grow out of the tips of her ears. I'm a little sad about it, but I'm sure Edith will be mighty grateful they're gone once the teenage years roll around. 

Edith is becoming quite the talker. She is cooing and squealing a lot more now-- her little voice is so cute. 

She did stellar at her 2 month appointment today. She weighs 13.76 pounds (98.19%), she's 24 inches long (95.38%) and has a head circumference of 15.75 inches (80.84%). Not bad, considering that one week she had almost no weight gain. 

We found out today that Edith needs to go to rehab. So Hollywood of her. Actually, we're going to try to stretch the neck muscles that are shorter on one side from her crazy position in the womb. By doing so, we'll hopefully avoid having her head get lopsided. We'd rather stretch the neck than do a helmet. 

Edith has roots. Some of her hair is falling out, but some of it is just continuing to grow but has switched colors-- dark on the ends, blonde-ish at the roots. I'm curious to see what her final color will be.

Her favorite position is the nursing position. Edith loves to smile and chat with me while there, and if we turn the lights down low and put her in that position she is out instantaneously. No joke. Quite a change from a few weeks ago when the position would put her in a panic because nursing hurt so bad. Medicine rocks.

Daddy is definitely Edith's favorite person. She loves to snuggle with him, and when I'm struggling with her Rophone whispers sweet nothings in her ear and has her out in no time flat. It's a serious love-affair they have going on.

Here are a few less-than-great photos I took last night, but it gives you an idea of what she's looking like these days:

Happy two-month, Edith!


carmar76 said...

*gush gush gush*

she's so darling!

and love the zip up, as well. : )

mk said...

LOVE her! I can't wait to come over again and actually get to hold her!

jww said...

CUTE!!! I'm glad that she is doing so well. And, yes, medicine rocks. And a 5th child MUST be a good sleeper (and easy to put out). That's just the way it has to be.

SassyMama said...

If you continue to have problems with her roots, I know a good colorist...:)

Lindseybabe said...

She is soooo cute! What a little snuggle bug!!!