Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving was yesterday so I guess this should be easy, right? Just because it's Thanksgiving doesn't mean my memory is any better...

1. I finally installed the pads on the front of the scary fireplace. Hopefully it will keep Edith from marring her pretty face or chipping any teeth. On the edge anyway.

2. My sister, Auntie Opera, came to hang out with us on Wednesday. We took the kids on a fun hike up the canyon. The weather was great and the kids had a great time with their aunt. 

taken by Pen

I wish we could have hiked for longer, but Edith was getting ready for a nap. 

3. We have really been enjoying being together as a family for the long weekend. 

4. I cooked a marvelous Thanksgiving feast yesterday (if I do say so myself). Turkey, gravy, cranberry, cornbread stuffing, orange mashed potatoes, peas, rolls... I haven't eaten like that in a long time. It tasted great, but I'm glad it's not something that we do very often.

5. This morning we went bowling. We started the tradition last year, and I'm sure it's one we'll continue. It was perfect and a total blast. I love how seriously Bud takes it, and how Big raises his arms in victory when he gets even just a few pins, and how Ginger looks like the ball is going to rip her skinny little arm off, and how Pen runs up to the line with the ball to release it. It's just fun!

Last year we went in the afternoon and it was a bit busy, so this year we went right when they opened at 10 am. Going during black friday shopping was definitely a good idea-- the bowling alley was a ghost town. Just the way we like it. We're definitely going at the same time again next year. I can't wait.

6. I'm eating leftovers today. Not much work and so nummy. Yay!

7. I'm watching Big air drum right now. Totally awesome. It makes me smile. 

8. I can't wait to have fun for the rest of the weekend. I'm going to go do that now. 


patti's place said...

I thought Sue was Aunty Art? Sounds like you had fun and maybe you'd invite us to go bowling the next time? See you soon!

Laura said...

What a fun tradition!

Great photos!

The Laundry Queen said...

I fixed it, Mom. I typed the wrong thing.

jww said...

Very nice list!!! How totally fun. Those are really cool pictures, too.

(Speaking of only eating like that periodically... Belinda decided that she wants to live with Grandma & Grandpa [where we were for Thanksgiving] since they "have mashed potatoes ALL the time!")

carmar76 said...

orange mashed potatoes? please share!

and bowling! that's what we should have done friday! leyton loves to bowl and so do i, and yet i always forget about it. thanks for the reminder! : )