Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nine Months with Edith

Nine?!? Wow!

I just need to warn you that this post will be very picture heavy. What can I say? I think Edith is just about the cutest thing out there. Now, read on if you want to, and don't complain. 

Edith, like all of our kids, is a real music lover. She tends to favor the heavier stuff, but it has to have a real groove to it. Her favorite songs are "Barracuda" by Heart, "Paris" by Grace Potter, and anything by the Foo Fighters. She totally hangs her mouth open and dances while they play. It's an awesome thing to witness. Edith is quite the dancer. She started out just doing the head and upper body bob, but has now progressed to adding in hip thrusts and shoulder shimmies. You go, girl!

I know this first picture makes it look like Edith is crawling but, much to our surprise and her frustration, she's not. She gets into position and starts to move forward, only to lower herself onto her tummy instead. The ability is there, but I think she's nervous. I'm sure she'll conquer her fear any day now, though.

Edith has some favorite go-to toys these days. Aside from books, stacking cups, and things she's not supposed to have, she has three in particular that need mentioning. 

She really loves shoes, so I gave her a pair of new, too small baby shoes to play with. Since they haven't really been worn, they're pristine and perfect for chewing on. Much better than the super dirty shoe of Big's that I found her licking the bottom of yesterday. Blech. Edith loves to fiddle with the laces and stretch out one lace while she holds the shoe in the other hand. Great for hand-eye coordination. 

Another one of Edith's favorite toys is a huge magnifying glass. The boys each got one a few years ago for Christmas, and Edith has appropriated one of them. Oh, and she has two teeth now, See?

I love that she not only chews on it and holds it, but also has figured out how fun it is to look through. 

I also think it's awesome that she's licked it so much that it makes her face look blurry in this next photo:

Edith holds it like this a lot, too. The magnifying glass boom box, perhaps?

Or, it could just be that the cool plastic soothes her irritated skin. Edith sure didn't react well to something I fed her recently. I need to figure that one out.

I love her expression in this next photo: 

Edith loves to snuggle things with faces, giving them loves and pats while she rocks from side to side. It's so cute. She especially loves a beat up baby doll of Ginger's. Licking its little old bald head is one of her favorite pastimes. 

My favorite thing about when Edith plays with the baby doll is how she imitates the types of things Edith and I do when we interact (no, I don't lick Edith's little head-- her hair gets on my tongue).  

When I have Edith on her back to get her dressed or change her diaper, I will frequently play with her little toes and clap her little chubby feet together. Believe me, if you heard the cute little clapping sound her feet make you wouldn't be able to resist, either. 

So, Edith does these things with the baby doll. And, I'm sure this will come as no surprise, she sings and jabbers away the whole time. Like that's something I do, or something. 

Then when she's done, she picks up the baby and gives it a hug and a pat. 

On the head. Ouch. 

I don't do that, I swear. 

"You don't?"

Well, she shouldn't have moved her hand when I tried to give her a high five. It was an accident, I swear!

Maybe she'll forgive me one day. We love you Edith!


patti's place said...

We love her, too! Great pictures and story, Jana!

John R said...

Hmm "sings and jabbers away" sounds familiar as well as clapping the feet and maybe some tickles too, about 40 years ago. Great pictures of a great subject.

jww said...

You're right--she is the cutest thing ever. I love the thought of her jammin' to "Barracuda."

Tamsen said...

I love her long eyelashes. Great photos! She's a cutie. Livvy loves looking at her.

carmar76 said...

words cannot express her cuteness. srsly! *laugh* also, that snake magnifying glass is interesting!

Lisa Marie said...

Love it! I must admit, I gagged a bit when you mentioned licking the bottom of Big's shoe, but I'm glad you found her a nice, new clean one for her to chew on :)