Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Favorites

I contemplated not writing this today. Just because I have written 555 posts, and it seems a shame to ruin such a cool number. But I guess I can't stop now. I suspect I'm going to have to keep the blog until all the kids are out of the house. Only 17 1/2 years to go. Heavens.

Guess I'd better get started. 

1. I finally made the pumpkin scones I'd been threatening my kids with for a few weeks. The kids ate them on Saturday for breakfast, morning snack, and tried to convince me that they should have them for lunch, too. I guess that means they were a hit. (Although, next time I think I'll leave off the spiced icing and cut them smaller.)

2. Saturday afternoon, my sister, Auntie Art, brought her family over for a baby-food-making fest. It was a lot of fun to hang out with her and get her set up with a nice stash of baby food to have around for her boys. We had dinner together, too. It was just so nice to have someone over. We don't do it often enough.

3. Rophone was terribly sick at the beginning part of the week (and it wasn't even because of Crohn's!). That's not the 'favorite' thing-- the thing I'm happy about is that he got the medicine he needs to get feeling better. And he is.

4. Pen performed in the Nutcracker 2 nights this week. She did a great job. I'm so glad that she gets to have the experience every year. 

5. Because Pen performed in the Nutcracker this week, it means we no longer have to take her to Friday night rehearsals. We have our Friday nights back! Maybe one of these days we'll actually get to use one for a date or something. Crazy talk, I know.

6. I'm really enjoying the cooler fall weather. Hopefully I'll be able to fit in one more hike before it gets really cold.

7. Making baby food still makes me so happy. The baby has now tried broccoli and asparagus this week-- two things that none of my other kids had this early. It's not like they make a jarred version. Not that I'd want to give her a jarred version. Can you imagine how overcooked and nasty they'd be? Anyway, I just love how many good foods she is being exposed to. And she likes them! 


Laura said...

I have a pumpkin scone recipe from Real Simple I've been meaning to try. Maybe this weekend :-)

t0moo said...

Being an engineer, I just have to point out that:

Since your first blog post on 2 Apr 2008, 1325 days have elapsed, and you've written 556 blog posts, averaging 2.383 days between posts. Assuming that Edith graduates from high school and leaves home on 1 Jun 2029, 6404 days from now, and if you keep your blogging average, your loyal readers have 2687.263 more blogs to enjoy.

Yeah! Start typing...

The Laundry Queen said...

Awesome, t0moo. Woah, you are going to be sooo sick of me. ; )

jww said...

Hooray!! Pumpkin scones sound yummy! I'm excited that you got to have a baby-food making fest with your sis because it sounds like a REALLY fun get-together! That WOULD be nice.