Monday, November 21, 2011

Turning Muppet

Big and I were pretending the other day when he said, "I'm pretending you're pregnant because you still have a fat tummy, Mommy." Nice. Apparently my tummy must still be really fat-- he had me give birth to twins, Bill and Moira. You'd think that since it's pretend, he could pretend my stomach is flat. Without stretch marks. 

The sad part is that I weigh less now than when I got married. When my stomach really was flat. That must mean that my arms and legs are much skinnier than they were back then. 

Egads, I've turned into a muppet.

My rear end seems to be trying to help matters, though. It's sliding down the backs of my thighs to try to help bulk my legs back up. So thoughtful. 

I'll buy my butt a thank you card when I find one with an appropriate message. 


jww said...

LOL! I'm sure there's a section in Hallmark for that. (You're so funny!)

patti's place said...

Oh, Jana, you are beautiful in whatever shape. Love you!

carmar76 said...

LOL i was thinking what jww said! : ) hallmark has a card for EVERYthing!