Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Favorites

Another week. 

1. Edith is poised on the brink of crawling, so we went out and got a pad for the edge of the fireplace hearth. I've never gotten one before, but this fireplace is particularly rocky and mean looking. I hope it works. 

2. We finally got a highchair for Edith and I am so excited. I have been feeding her while she sits in the Bumbo, but it just wasn't working anymore because it allowed her waaay too much freedom of movement. Edith hates to sit still and was constantly twisting and turning, leaning down to see what was on the floor, trying to suck on her toes... let's just say none of it was very amenable to getting her fed. I love the highchair because it's a highchair and I'm so glad to have it.

3. I know I've said this before, but I really love my baby food maker. The kiwi baby food I made for Edith was a big hit and she liked it even more the next day when I mixed it with pear. Heck, I think it's nummy, too. And, it gives me such satisfaction to know that I'm feeding my baby something good and I know exactly what's in it. Awesome.

4. I played one-on-one basketball with Big one evening this week and had a blast. I had a great time, even though I couldn't seem to get ahead. But, as they say, it's a poor scorekeeper who can't keep himself in the lead. Hopefully we'll be able to do it more in the near future. 

5. I played soccer with Big a few times this week, too. Man, that kid can kick the ball!

6. The kids have been doing a lot of biking lately and Bud is getting a lot more comfortable on two wheels. It's so great to see his confidence grow.

7. I went with Bud and Ginger to meet with their teachers this week for SEP Conferences (Student/Educator/Parent). They are both doing so well and are loved and admired by their teachers and fellow students. That kind of stuff always makes me feel good as a parent. 

I especially loved when Bud's teacher thanked me for 'letting Bud have the first grade experience' (since she obviously knows he could very easily be moved ahead). We both think that first grade is an important one for getting into the flow of school, but who knows what we'll do in the future. (Bud's so young for his grade-- is it fair to move him up, thus making it so he won't be able to drive until the end of his junior year? Such a dilemma. And, really, he's doing 3rd grade work right now. What to do?)

Anyway, I just love my kids and am happy that they're doing so well.

8. Edith can get back up to sitting from being on her tummy. Cool. I also think it's great that Edith can shake her head 'no' when she doesn't want something or doesn't like something. She can also say 'don't', which I think is hilarious. I love it when my kids start being able to voice their opinions and exert their independence. Awesome.

9. I thought it was hilarious when I picked Big up from preschool on Thursday and his ultra-nice teacher said, "We sure are enjoying Big. He has quite the sense of humor." Yes, yes, he certainly does. I felt like saying, "Ya think?" But she doesn't know what it's like at home. (If only she knew that I have to make him promise as we're driving to school that he'll just be Big while he's there) I'm just glad that Big is feeling comfortable enough at school to begin letting his personality emerge. His teacher has no idea what she's in for... ; )

10. Oh, and on Monday, Edith started clapping. She's super proud of herself. So cute.


janeannechovy said...

There's an obvious answer to #7--move to Portland so Bud can go to ACCESS! Not a week goes by as I'm helping his cousin with his homework that I don't think what a great fit it would be for Bud, too.

carmar76 said...

another good week! way to go to all the kids for good teacher reviews!! : )

patti's place said...

I'm glad the kids are doing so well. See you before too long.

The Laundry Queen said...

I just added a number 10. Can't believe I for got about it.

jww said...

ALL good stuff!! Such wonderful things going on!

carmar76 said...

clapping!! i love clapping. it's so cute! : )