Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Explaining the Crazy

It's really not too difficult to explain why I'm crazy. In fact, there's really no explanation necessary. Just hanging out with Big for awhile helps it all become clear to me. Or more muddy. I guess that's part of the problem. Take, for instance, the conversation Big and I had tonight after I hung a framed piece of his artwork on the wall in his room--

Me: "Thanks for letting me frame your swordfish, Sinbad. It looks great on your wall."

Big (as he shoots a basketball on to his bed): "You mean 'Big Al Jefferson'. I'm Big Al."

Me: "Oh, sorry. But I really love your artwork, Big Al. It's fantastic and I think we found the perfect spot."

Big (as he crawls on the floor to retrieve the ball): "You mean 'Sinbad'."

Of course that's what I meant. Sure.

Just for the record, the 'Sinbad' Big is portraying is this one:

Sinbad, the liger. Not this one (thank heavens):

And this is Big Al Jefferson:

I guess that explains the quick turnaround in characters. Of course he was Big Al as he shot the basketball. I mean, ligers can't do that. And it makes perfect sense that as he crawled on the ground he was a liger. If I would have really been thinking about it, I would have come to that conclusion and gotten the names right. 

Sure I would have. 


patti's place said...

He's got some imagination and trying to deal with all of it would drive you a little bit "crazy". Good luck!

jww said...

Seriously, I'm so glad to hear that Sinbad is a liger because I was picturing the dude and it wasn't working for me.

The Laundry Queen said...

I know *exactly* what you mean, jww. That's why I had to make it clear.