Monday, January 16, 2012

Tis the Season

Basketball season, that is. Ginger is happy to be playing again, and I'm happy that she has found a sport she loves so much. I love seeing her gain confidence and learn new skills as she plays. The fact that she has a great time is an added bonus. 

It's pretty easy to pick Ginger out on the court. I can't imagine why...

Oh, did you think I was referring to her hair? I guess that makes her pretty easy to spot, too. 

The best part about Saturday's game is that right at the beginning, during the opposing team's first possession, Ginger stole the ball, dribbled it down the court and scored the first two points of the game!

Totally fantastic! Ginger isn't naturally competitive and aggressive, but she's really been working hard on being more so. Way to go, Ginger!

I just love watching kids this age play the game. They are finally starting to figure out how the game really works and are gaining the skill to put that knowledge into practice. Things are starting to get exciting!

Ginger has really grown a lot lately. You can tell from the photos that she has a sort of gangly look going on. The same can't be said about one of her friends from school who was on the opposing team at Saturday's game. 

There were several number 0 jerseys on the court between the two teams, but it's pretty easy to see why the ref dubbed Ginger's friend 'Little Zero'. She's such a little scrapper out there. I told Little Zero to steal the ball from Ginger if her dribble got too high so she would learn a lesson. She was reluctant and seemed so nervous about playing her friends, but I urged her strongly gave her permission to do it. Just once. 

So, she did.

That'll teach you, Ginger! (Thanks, Little Zero) I know, I'm such a good mom.

Can't wait until the next game!


patti's place said...

It is fun and funny to watch them play and its quite an improvement from last year. Keep it up Ginger!

jww said...

Wow, good for Ginger!! That is awesome. I know it took my youngest about 3 years of playing to actually be able to steal the ball and be aggressive (in soccer, though), and I think it's kind of hard to learn at first. Great pictures! I wish you could come photograph my kids' events.

The Laundry Queen said...

Well, jww, if we ever happen to be in the same place during one of your kids' events, I'd be happy to.