Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Favorites: Friday the 13th!

I am happy to announce that nothing happened to make this day any worse than any other. I guess there are still a few hours to go, but I'm trying to focus on the positive here.

1. Ginger had her first basketball game of the season last Saturday. She is so happy to be playing-- the whole family is happy. Going to her games is fun and we love encouraging each other in activities.

2. I have a goal of making (at least) one Christmas ornament a year with the kids so that when they have their own trees one day they'll have a bunch of ornaments to decorate with. Even better than just having any old ornaments, all of these we make should have some sentimental value. We finally started our ornament project for this year on Sunday (It took me a while to get all the necessary supplies). Next year I hope to be more organized so we can make our ornaments during break. Anyway, I'm super excited and will be sure to post pictures of the finished products.

3. Bud started an art class on Monday. I am so excited for him. Art is just so him and I know he is really enjoying it. Having something he's doing on his own (and that he really loves) makes him feel good and confident. I can see it. 

4. Edith's babbling is getting ever more complex and awesome. I love having conversations with her.

5. Rophone brought his drums home this week. His band has broken up (a good thing since it often caused more stress than stress-relief) so it's good he was finally able to bring his drums home so he can play again. Rophone arrived home late Wednesday with the drums, so there was a whole day for Big to drool over them, just waiting for his dad to set them up. Big had a harder time waiting for that than he did for Christmas! I would find Big caressing them and tapping the heads with his hands. He even counted the cymbals and drumsticks. It was the longest day ever for Big, I think. 

It's all good now, though-- both boys have their kits set up side by side so they can play together if they want and Big spent most of the day playing Rophone's kit. I can handle the noise because it keeps him occupied and happy. I'm just glad because it means one less night a week that Rophone's gone, and now we can work on music together. That's what I'm really excited about.

6. Pen is at her 3rd party in the past week right now. I know this should probably be on her favorites list, but I'm really glad she's getting a chance to have some fun social activities. (And it makes her happier, which is a bonus. Keeping the teenager happy makes everyone happier!)

7. We are feeling optimistic about the future. We are determined to make our lives what we want them to be, no matter how impossible it may seem at the moment. It feels good to be motivated and have hope. 

I'm excited for the 3-day weekend coming up. Hope it's a good one!


patti's place said...

Good week!Sounds like nearly everyone gets to do something they enjoy. Fun times for all!

jww said...

Great favorites!!! I have Christmas ornament collections going for my kids, too, so I am REALLY excited to see you post pictures of what you make. I would love to see them (and possibly steal the ideas). :D

Sue said...

Love this post. I'm very excited that you and Mike can work on music together, that is pretty much the coolest thing!