Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. I really do enjoy to cook. More than the cooking even, I appreciate the results. Especially when there are leftovers. I made a nummy cauliflower cheese soup this week and got to eat it 4 times. I love it when I'm hungry and I realize there's something waiting in the fridge for me to eat with little additional effort needed. Tonight's salmon was great, too. I'm glad I've been blessed with the 'good cook' gene. 

2. Speaking of making things in the kitchen, I made some english muffins for the first time this week. I love me some breakfast sandwiches, but it's tough to find english muffins that don't have a bunch of yucky added ingredients/preservatives. Plus, they're so expensive. The muffins I made were a big hit, so much so that I only got one. I think I will start to make them at least weekly. They're really not that hard and taste so much better.

3. Edith turned 11 months old today. Looks like another blog post will be on the way soon. 

4. Rophone is so supportive. And he thinks I'm hot. I like that.

5. Rophone worked the equivalent of two days yesterday. I didn't like that very much, but it allowed him to take the day off today. Now that I loved. It's so nice to hang out together and we managed to get some errands run. Big and Edith were happy to have him around, too.

6. Rophone braved Costco today with all of the older kids while I hung out at home with Edith while she napped. Heavenly. I mean, not only not having to go to Costco, but getting some alone time, too. Thanks Rophone!

7. A few years ago, I was asked to take some pictures of some students at a school for autistic children. Today I received a copy of their brochure and was so glad to see that they were able to use my photos. It makes me feel good to think I helped in some small way. Along with it I was given some fantastic salsa. I ate it with my lunch and my taste buds sang. 

8. I love my family, and I'm learning to love my life even when it's not going super well. I think I've been guilty of being happy when things are good and moping when they're not. I'm trying to be better. 

Happy weekend! 


Bob said...

What? No mention of my salsa!

The Laundry Queen said...

That's what I forgot! I'm adding it now, Bob.

patti's place said...

Sounds like you had another good week or whatever happens you are learning to make it a good week.