Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. My folks had the kids over to watch a movie on Saturday so Rophone and I went bra shopping (for me, not him). Definitely a favorite. It's amazing what the illusion of perkiness can do for a girl.

2. We had my folks over for dinner and games that night for New Year's Eve (they had plans that fell through). The new cauliflower soup recipe I tried was nummy and playing games was fun. 

3. On Sunday Rophone picked Pen up at the airport as she arrived home from her adventure in the NW. She had a blast and it was good to see her lovely face again.

4. Sunday afternoon, we had a New Year's Day party as a family. We played more games and pulled out some snacks. It was a blast. 

5. My folks stopped by for a bit again on Monday and played even more games with the kids. There are some advantages to living so close to them-- the kids loved it. 

6. Tuesday we were back to the grind-- I don't know if it's necessarily a favorite (especially on early choir mornings for Ginger), but I will admit that there is something comforting about getting back to a routine. A schedule is my friend. 

7. Edith's blabbering sentences are getting more and more complex. It's so dang cute to listen to her. I also love when I ask her a question and she answers in the affirmative with a breathy, "Yeah, yeah!" Her 'NO!' isn't nearly as breathy, but is still awesome.

8. I sat Edith with Big at the digital piano today. It was fantastic and super sweet to watch them play and sing together, pausing occasionally to hug. The only thing that would have made it even better is if I hadn't been ironing as I watched. I guess a girl can't have everything.

I'm excited for next week-- we're really starting to get into the swing of things as far as activities go. Should be crazy and fun!


patti's place said...

I'm glad we're close enough to share children now and then. Another good week, I'd say!

jww said...

Fun week!!! I'm glad Pen had fun on her adventure, too.