Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. I already posted about Ginger's basketball game. I was so happy to see her having a great time and it was awesome that she scored the first 2 points of the game. 

2. We went to my folks' house for dinner on Sunday. It was nice to see my sister and her family again, and my sis-in-law and two kids were in town, too. Big got to have some great cousin playtime with George.

3. Rophone got our first recording tips video recorded and up online. We're hoping it will help drive traffic to our online recording school. I'm optimistic and hope it works.

4. Edith is learning to apply the words she knows to other situations. She's been saying "done" and "I'm done" for awhile now while she's eating, but it made me smile last night to hear her calling from her crib, "Done! I'm done! Done, done!" I love it when my kids start to talk. I really can't wait to hear what comes out of her mouth.

5. I will, on occasion, play a game of Angry Birds on my phone. There is this one level that I have been unable to get 3 stars on and I've been trying for ages. I mean, I've tried like 100 gazillion times. Anyway, I had time to play one game the other day. Just one, no more. And I did it. I passed the level! Yesssss.

6. I'm still working on my ornament project-- I've been too tired a few nights to get any sewing done. But, I'm making progress so I'm excited. I can't wait to move on to the next craft I have planned. Just call me Crafty Crafterson (my husband does).

7. Let's see, Big and Edith kicked their colds (mostly) this week and I think I've won the battle against an ear infection and mastitis. Things are looking up, it seems.

8. Life is hard right now, but Rophone and I have a peaceful and optimistic feeling about it all. Things will probably be hard for quite awhile, but we just have this overwhelming feeling that everything will be alright. I'm grateful for that. 


patti's place said...

Optimistic and positive are good things always.

jww said...

So many good things! :)

carmar76 said...

i'm w/ you on the loving when the kids start to talk. leyton called me today & i just love love love listening to how his mind works!

happy weekend!!

MaX said...

How is Pen`s ballet classes ?

The Laundry Queen said...

Pen's ballet classes are going great, MaX, thanks for asking! They are busy preparing for their spring ballet and this year they will also all be performing in a contemporary version. Should be fun.

MaX said...

Wow that`s great !

I think you must post more about ballet.

Sorry my english not very well. I am from Russia, and just learning it.

The Laundry Queen said...

I would post more about ballet, MaX, but I'm dealing with a thirteen year old who doesn't like to share much information about how things are going. Plus, the owner of her ballet school doesn't like distractions so parents aren't really allowed to take pictures of every day classes. The school holds parent observation classes twice a year where photos can be snapped, but this winter my daughter begged me not to go so I stayed away as she asked. There are the two performances a year that I sneak photos at, but that's about it. So, sorry I don't post much about ballet, but I don't know that I have much to tell. ; ) This spring I will definitely post about the ballet performance when it happens.

MaX said...

It will be great !
Yes i don`t realy know why, ballet school`s is reale closed for photography. And Pan is like this classes ?
Thank you for feedback !