Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Friday

Let's see...

1. Pen was in her middle school's musical and they performed this past weekend. I loved seeing her and could tell that she had a really great time. That makes me happy. You can read about it here if you haven't already.

2. On Tuesday, Bud had his last soccer game and celebrated his birthday. I'm really glad Rophone coached Bud's team this year. It was fun for Bud to have his dad to share the season with. Bud's birthday was fun and I'd say he is definitely acting seven. You can click here to read about it and see pictures.

3. I need to be better about recording the funny and cute things the kids say and do on my blog instead of just on facebook. Wednesday morning Big and and Edith were doing the chicken dance together, having a blast, when suddenly Big stops and asks with suspicion, "Wait a minute.... do chickens even dance?" So funny.

4. We got to hang out as a family in the evening on Wednesday. No ballet, no soccer, no anything. It was so nice to be together and we had Bud's requested birthday dinner of grilled chicken, couscous, steamed veggies and blueberries. It was nummy.

5. Thursday... hmmm... yesterday was definitely a mixed bag. It started out pretty badly. I finally got a chance to go play basketball with my friends since Rophone had the morning off and was able to take Big to preschool. I actually had a feeling I shouldn't go, but went anyway because all of my friends really wanted me to. So, I went and ended up breaking both of my front teeth off as a result. No, not a favorite. But, what I will say is a favorite is that I have a very talented, fabulous dentist who temporarily fixed my teeth so I don't look like such a freak anymore. See?

With my broken teeth, Rophone told me I looked like the Queen of his double wide. I'm glad that because of my dentist I don't need to change the name of my blog. Or move into new digs. I really should have just stayed home to enjoy a morning with Rophone, though. Big sigh.

6. Rophone had to work Thursday evening (since he had the morning off, which was wasted with me at the dentist's office). Given the state of my face and the shock that comes with what went on, I can't say I was excited about it. But, because he was gone, I was forced to step up and take Big to his soccer game (my folks took Ginger to hers at the same time). If I would have stayed home to wallow in my misery, I would have missed Big scoring 4 goals. Yes, I said 4! It was fantastic. The kid is a rockstar. Anyway, it was fun to watch, even though I was afraid all of my cheering would send my teeth out of my mouth. They are a bit loose, you know. Four goals! That's like a hat trick with a bow for embellishment. Woohoo!

7. We've gone on two walk/bike rides this week. It's so nice to be out and I hope the great spring-like weather continues.

8. My fabulous husband is taking me out for soup. My poor mouth is tired of trying to chew. 


mk said...

Jason and I are dying laughing over Mike saying that you "looked like the Queen of his double wide." I'm glad your teeth look so great already, I hope you don't need root canals!

jww said...

Good luck with the teeth. :( And FOUR goals for Big. Holy moley! That is AWESOME!!

Laura said...

I'm laughing also about the Queen of his double wide comment. So funny!!
I'm SO sorry though about the pain you went through and aftermath. Ouch!! Hope recovery is going smoothly!

Susie Q. said...

I can see where Big gets his sense of humor--that Rophone is king of the one liners! Suprised Big hasn't come up with a few himself about his Momma who holds the double-wide down!

Keep smiling!

Susie Q