Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Favorites

I feel like it was a busy week, but that's probably all in my imagination. 

1. On Saturday, Bud finally got a chance to celebrate his birthday with friends. He chose to have an art party, and I'm so glad he did. It was fun.

2. Mother's day was on Sunday. It was fantastic.

3. Rophone and I were able to take Big and Edith with us to the big city on Monday so we could meet some friends for lunch. The food was great, the conversation was fantastic, and we really like the people we were with. We loved seeing our friends and how they interact with their baby-- such a cute and loving family. We so needed that lunch in our lives right now. 

4. After lunch we went to REI to swap out a few of my Mother's Day gifts. It's always a good day when I can go to that store. The switcheroo was a grand success and I love my cute stuff. Thanks, Rophone!

5. We took the kids out for a family date on Wednesday. It's not something we do a lot, so it felt special and fun. 

6. Rophone had the morning off again on Thursday, just like two weeks ago when The Teeth Incident happened. I decided not to go play basketball this time around (I'll get back on that horse eventually), so Rophone and I took Edith and went to purchase a lawn mower instead. It's something we've needed, and I can't wait until the lawn gets cut tomorrow! 

7. Edith has added tons of new words to her vocabulary this week. I was surprised when she said 'thigh' as she pointed to her upper leg, and I cracked up when she saw that I had a green salad and started hollering for one of her most loved foods, "Beet! Beet! Beeeeet!" I wouldn't doubt, though, that her favorite new word she can say is 'chocolate'. 

8. Rophone got off a little early today, so we were able to run some errands. We got a longer extension cord for our hedge trimmer (I'll try my hardest not to cut through this one) and some new work gloves for those who needed them. When we got home we were able to don our new gloves and work in the yard for a little bit before dinner. There is still a bunch to do in the morning, but with the boys working especially hard (I love that they love to work) we got a good start on things tonight. It always feels good to whip things into shape. 

9. Edith ate her very first ice cream cone tonight. I didn't put much ice cream in her cone, so quite quickly she was having to stick her tongue way in to try to get any. Then she tried a few bites of cone, not a big fan. When she decided the ice cream was too hard to get to (or just a bore), she stirred it with her fingers and tried to crush the now soggy cone with her great strength. It was really entertaining to watch.

10. Rophone and I were able to go on two dates together this week. We like each other + Fabulous Food = Yay!  We tried a new burrito place that we heard about a while back-- they use all-natural, organic, local-if-they-can ingredients and it was nummo. We'll definitely frequent the place again.

Next week is the last week of school for the kids (crazy, I know!), so maybe it will be un-busy like this one was.


CarrieMarie said...

sounds like another good week, and sounds quite eventful!
love the edith pics! :D

jww said...

Fun!! I love just imagining Edith trying to get at the tiny bit of ice cream. That alone is entertaining. I bet it was great in real life. I love your dates, too--so fun! Nothing better than that. P.S. Jealous your kids will be out of school soon. We have another MONTH. It's getting pretty old around here. (Though early morning seminary is over in 2 weeks. Sleeping in until 6:30 for the last two weeks of school will be fine with me.) :)