Friday, May 25, 2012



1. Saturday morning we participated in a food co-op for the first time. I loved it and I can't wait to do it again. I'm going to make it a goal to use all of the items we receive each week, even if it's something I'm not familiar with. I think it will really expand our culinary horizons. I am totally in love with the roasted red pepper hummus I made with the ginormous red pepper that was included in the basket of food this week. It's exciting that I've found a new favorite recipe already with only one week of co-op food under my belt. Can't wait to see what we get as the growing season progresses.

2. We got a lot of yard work done on Saturday morning. It looks so much better. We're planning on tackling it again tomorrow.

3. On Saturday afternoon we went as a family to run a bunch of errands. Both girls needed Sunday shoes desperately, so we were happy to finally be able to get them shod. (That sounds kind horse-like... horse-ish... horse-y...)

4. Wednesday evening, we had to take Pen up into the canyon for a thing, so we hauled the other kids along so they could run around a bit (in a completely different part of the park so as not to cramp Pen's style, I might add. In case you were worried.). The place we went had some little rock-climbing-monolith-thingies for the kids to try to climb. They were cool. I loved watching Edith walk/run with her hands raised above her head, cheering in delight about being freeeeee! She just lives to be outside, so I was happy we were able to go. 

Here are some shots of the kids on the rocks:

Looks like they're on a big cliff face...

..but, no.

Big just stuck to the smaller boulder. Turns out the kid is afraid of heights.

Then I put the kids in front of one of the monoliths and told them we were taking pictures for Grandma's grandkid wall. They were thrilled.

We'll give it another go, Grandma. Attempting to catch Edith in a picture was like trying to catch a chicken. She was at an excited run/walk the entire time we were there. You can tell by the way her cheeks are caught mid-jiggle in some of the photos. (I'm starting to kinda realize that this outing should probably have had its own post, but no matter.)

Those first two were pretty good, but then we head into the mid-jiggle territory. See?

Pictures of Edith mid-jiggle are waaay cuter than shots of me mid-jiggle, I can tell you that. Bottom line is that we had fun. So it's on the list. 

5. Since we were up in the canyon when I was supposed to be cooking dinner, we took the kids to our new favorite burrito place for dinner. The kids had never been before and they loved it. We feel good about the all-natural, organic ingredients, too. 

6. I think my favorite part of dinner, though, was finding a new way to create a salad. Rophone ordered me a vegetarian salad that contained: lettuce, black beans, pico, guacamole, and sour cream. Sounds pretty basic, right? But then, on the side, there was what looked like a little container of balsamic? Balsamic?? I mixed up my salad and then very carefully sprinkled it on just one little section and tried a bite. Oh, my! Divine.

7. On Thursday morning, Rophone took Bud to an appointment at his back doctor. This was the appointment to see how his spine stayed in place after more than 24 hours out of his brace. According to the x-ray, Bud's spine was only at an 8% curvature. That's totally awesome, by the way! It earns him the summer off from brace-wearing which he'll really appreciate as it gets hotter. We'll probably have to get fitted for the next one in September (unless his spine regresses too rapidly) so it will be nice to have some time off!

8. The kids got out of school for the summer today. They haven't been around long enough for me to determine wether this is really a favorite or not (ha!), but I have found one thing about it to make me smile already. The kids got out at 11:30, came home and had lunch, and then went downstairs to play school. It cracks me up that less than an hour after getting out of school for the summer they were pretending to be back in. I love it. 

9. Rophone took me on a date tonight! He's hott.


patti's place said...

Aren't you glad they like school? That is great and looks like another fun week.

Sue said...

I totally laughed about them going to play school. That is awesome. And I love the mid-jiggle pics of Edith. Too funny!

jww said...

Great week!! Your vegetarian salad sounds SOOOO GOOD!! I miss good burrito places. Every time we leave NY, we try to eat at a Mexican restaurant!! We really miss that. Among other things.