Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Favorites

It has been a rather uneventful week overall. The last soccer game was on Saturday (already wrote a post about that), no dance or musical rehearsals... what did I do, exactly? Hmmm... well, I did laundry, fed the kids, ran the kids to school and a few appointments... oh, yeah, and tried to recover from having my wits knocked out of me along with my teeth. My memory seems to be even more spotty than usual, so we'll see how I do.

1. I wasn't feeling great on Sunday (I think not taking it easy after my knock to the noggin caught up with me), so I didn't attend church. The rest of the family decided to stay home with me so we could be together. We've been running around in opposite directions so much lately, it was really nice to have some family time.

2. I did a lot of errand running this week, trying to return too big items received by Bud for his birthday and round up things for both Big's birthday and both of their friend parties this week. Huh. I guess I did do something after all.

3. I can hardly believe it, but even with The Teeth Incident I am pretty much caught up on laundry. Weird.

4. Big turned 5 yesterday!! (I'll be posting about that this weekend.) He was super happy with how the day went, so that means I'm happy, too. I swear he even looks older.

5. Speaking of happy... Edith's new thing is to tell you when she's happy. The other day when we let her roam the house she kept saying, "Happy. Happy!! I'm happy." It's cute.

6. Big had his very first friend birthday party today. Since there was only one friend he wanted to invite, Rophone just took the two of them bowling and to lunch. Big had a great time. 

7. Rophone is working tonight, so I had to take all the kids to their elementary school extravaganza all by myself. The boys wanted to do different things the whole time and only one boy wanted a sno cone until after we waited in the really long line and then as we were walking away the other boy said he wanted one, too. The baby wanted to get out of her stroller and walk, but I couldn't possibly keep track of the boys as she wandered. Tears, tantrums, sore teeth, momentary panic as someone ran off and couldn't be located, an argument with the 11 year old at the end (lovely).... it wasn't pretty, but we all survived. And everyone ended up having fun (parents don't count). The boys got to do most of what they wanted, Ginger got to roam with friends for a while, the baby got to explore enough to just about satisfy her (plus, Ginger took her for a ride on the train!). Okay, I'll admit (now that it's over) that I had a bit of fun, too. Seeing my kids smile will do that. Plus, I think they ran around enough that they'll sleep well tonight. Definitely worth it.

8. I have the best husband. For me, anyway. He's just what I need. The kids love him, too. I really like my family.

I guess now that I write it all out, the week wasn't that uneventful after all. I suppose comparatively it was, but I needed the break. On to next week!


patti's place said...

On #4, I think you mean Big turned 5. It seemed to be a good week and I'm glad you survived the Extravaganza.

CarrieMarie said...

:D school carnivals are always stressy fun - for the ppl putting them on and the ppl attending! lol

The Laundry Queen said...

Oops. #4 is all fixed.

jww said...

Very nice! I think Big looks older, too. He doesn't have that toddler look that he did when I first started following your blog a couple of years ago. I love this picture of him, too. I love his little "one friend" birthday party. That is so sweet. I did that when my kids were smaller, and I think I'm almost to the point now with the oldest two that a "one friend" party makes quite a bit of sense! Anyway, I'm glad Big had fun. Nice week. :)