Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day First

I think this just may be a first, but I'm about to post about myself. I mean, I know I've posted of my experiences and feelings before, but this time there will be accompanying pictures. Of me. Unheard of, you say? I know! But I'm really going to try to make this more of a complete family blog from here on out. Get ready, Rophone! 

Anyway, I'm not sure how I'll do at this, but we'll give it a shot. Mother's Day was on Sunday. I really look forward to it every year, although as the mother of 5 you'd think I'd learn to temper my expectations. I tried to get the kids to help me more on Saturday night since Rophone was working, but they made it clear that Mother's Day was just that. A day. And that day was on Sunday, not Saturday. Oh, well. 

It's a bit tough to have a leisurely, relax-while-everyone-else-does-all-of-the-work type of morning when you have 5 kids to get ready for 9:00 church, so I set my sights on having a dream of an afternoon. I got to hang with the kids and my Rophone and even got to open a few gifts. It was wonderful.

I wasn't expecting Rophone to pull out the camera as I opened the presents, but he did. I'm so unused to it that I pretty much made a funny face in every single picture. But, I love making people laugh, so here you go:

The first gift I opened was a new iPhone case from the kids. I'm so excited to have one, since I always felt like my phone was going to slip out of my grasp. Plus, the kids got me a case with a clear back so I can try out an idea I saw on Pinterest-- you cut out scrapbook paper to line the case so you can give yourself a new look whenever you want. Much better than buying a patterned case that you get sick of and feel the need to replace after a few months. Rophone helped me decide on my phone's first look. 

My phone went from looking like this:

To looking like this:

Pretty cool, huh? (Yes, I need a new exacto knife to make more precise cuts around the lens) Bud already has some yellow chevron stripe paper picked out of our stash for my next look. I love my gift, kids, thanks!

Then it took me absolutely forever to get the ribbon off of my gift from Bud. 

The way everyone was looking at me while I noisily struggled with it made me laugh.

Bud was pretty excited for me to open his gift. 

When I finally got it open, I could see why. And then I got excited, too. Bud's gift included coupons for some fabulous things he wants to do for me! I can't wait to use them, can you tell?

Man, my 'teeth' look weird.

Then I opened some adorable clothes from Rophone. He sure does have good taste.

Then we went to my folks' house and had a fabulous salmon dinner prepared by the men. All in all it was a fantastic Mother's Day. Thanks for making me feel so special, family! I love you!


Lisa Marie said...

L*VE. Happy Mother's Day, Laundry Queen!

mk said...

I am SO HAPPY that you posted pictures of yourself! You are beautiful and you look really happy. I'm glad you had such a great mother's day!

patti's place said...

You're a great mother and your family is lucky to have you. It was a good day!

jww said...

Sweet!!! I love seeing pictures of you, too. What a great Mothers Day!