Sunday, May 6, 2012

Surviving Soccer

Well, we did it. We survived having 3 kids signed up for Spring soccer. Not to mention the fact that we also needed to fit in double rehearsals for Pen for ballet and her school musical. All of the kids finished up this week and, while it was fun, I must admit that I'm breathing a bit of a sigh of relief. 

I'm just going to do one huge post about all 3 of my soccer players instead of one for each, so get ready for a lot of photos. Since posting a lot of pictures is so unusual for me, and all...

Ginger was so much fun to watch this year. She is really starting to get more of a grasp on how the game works. I'm also beginning to see a little more aggressiveness emerge, which is good to see. Ginger is so laid back that she doesn't always exhibit much competitive drive when she plays, wanting to just have fun. She actually scored a goal this year, though, and almost scored several others. Awesome. The most important part is that she really did have a blast.

Here are a few pictures of Ginger playing:

Way to challenge her for the ball, Ginger! (Ginger was victorious, by the way)

She did a great job of controlling that high ball. Awesome, Ginger.

Bud had a great season, too, and loved having Rophone coach his team. It was fun for the two of them to share it together. Bud just loved running around, being part of a team. 

I love this next picture. It looks like he's saying a prayer for good luck and crossing his fingers to hedge his bets.

Then Bud caught a ball in the face, so maybe neither worked. He was tough about it, though.

I love how intense his face is as he runs to the ball in this next shot:

I had to include this next one because Bud looks like he's running backwards. In slow motion. Isn't his hair magnificent? So many jealous women out there. 

Good season, Bud! 

Big started the season as a good player with a mop of hair and ended the season as a soccer star that could see what he was doing. He loved every minute of it. What a blast to watch him play.

I love how you can tell even from behind how much fun he's having from the way his cheeks look. I can just picture his smile.

Big would do these awesome celebrations and dances after he or his team scored or did something really good. I loved them.

Preschool soccer can be a bit rough, though. Check out what that kid is doing to Big! Good thing I didn't notice until later or I might have had to instigate a smackdown.

Then Big got tired of having to blow his hair out of his eyes and doing this all the time...

... so he decided to cut his hair and a star was born.

The biggest difference is that being able to see made him faster so his teammates weren't able to catch up and steal the ball away from him when he had breakaways (a big problem at this age). Big's goal count greatly increased and his 'unintentional assist' numbers went down. We're okay with that.

On the way to score a goal...

... and then the little celebration.

What a fun season for all three kids! Definitely a reason to celebrate. I'm glad you had such a good time playing, kids. Your dad and I had a great time watching. We can't wait to see what next season has in store.


CarrieMarie said...

this is just a post of awesomeness!!

patti's place said...

Looks like a great season! Love what you capture with your camera!

jww said...

Those are AWESOME pictures! How fun to have 3 kids playing. I'm sure that makes for a lot of busy-ness, but they look like they're having a great time!

Lisa Marie said...

Great action pictures! I think I need to get myself another lens for sports. What are you using?