Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Best Birthday Ever!

I am finally getting around to posting about Big's birthday. My favorite worker guy/basketball player/female leopard/tyrannosaurus rex/drummer.. (etc) is five. I can hardly believe it! It seems that in his mind, though, being 5 makes him more capable of doing things that he wouldn't always do by himself before. I mean, he would do them when he was playing a character, but now he'll do them when he's just being Big, too. I like that. 

Big was home for a lot of the preparations for his birthday, but I made sure that the decorations were put up after he went to bed on Wednesday night. That way he got a nice treat when he woke up in the morning. (I realized that I didn't post a picture of Bud's decorations when I wrote about his party-- they were very similar to Big's, but with a yellow puffball hanging from the light)

During the day I made Big's cupcakes that he requested. Well, I made part of what he requested. He wanted both chocolate and vanilla cupcakes but I wasn't feeling like making both, so I made the vanilla and bought him one mini chocolate cupcake from the bakery. Big supervised me as I frosted the cupcakes and I thought it was hilarious when I'd finished a few and he said, "You're not very good at that. Maybe I should do it." 

We decided to open gifts before dinner so that Big would have a chance to play with stuff while we finished up preparing the food. He wasn't disappointed with the idea. We started out with the more tame presents, but he was really excited about them.

I knew this next book was a good purchase, since he actually paused to read it for a few minutes before moving on to the big and exciting presents. I love knowing that a present is just right.

Then we got down to business. Look at that anticipation on his face. Or is it greed?

Then we moved on to the biggest and coolest present of all. It was when he opened this gift that Big announced, "This is the best birthday ever!" Good, Big, I'm glad. We know you've wanted that double dump truck for (what seemed like) forever. 

After dinner we moved on to cupcakes and ice cream. Big requested just one candle, a number 5, be on his cupcake. Thank heavens he only had to blow out one. Even Big was dying of laughter at the end of his efforts. The kid must have huffed and puffed at that candle at least 20 times. (And, yes, I know a bunch of these pictures are blurry, but they were just too cute not to post anyway)

At the end, Big got so close to the candle that I thought he'd burn his lips. But it worked.

The next day, Friday, Big had his very first friend birthday party. Since there was only one friend he wanted to invite, Rophone just took them bowling and out to lunch. Exactly what Big had in mind. Rophone took a few pictures while they were there. Big had a great time, doing little dances to help his ball go where he needed it to go. 

We're glad you had 'The Best Birthday Ever!", Big. We love you!


CarrieMarie said...

bowling is definitely a fun birthday!!! : )

Lisa Marie said...

Love the candle/cake pics. He has such a great smile.