Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I have to laugh sometimes at how alike Edith and I are. Today when I was sitting on the floor doing stretches after my workout, with Edith standing next to me doing her own version, she started tapping me on the back of the neck while saying in a slightly distressed manner, "Away. Away." As I reached back, I realized that the tag was sticking out of my shirt. 

Me: "Oh, my tag is sticking out. Do you want me to tuck it back in?"

Edith (with a big nod): "Away."

Me (after tucking the tag back in): "There. Does that look better?"

Edith (with an even bigger nod and a smile): "Yeah."

It's so funny to me that, even at her young age, she is driven a little nuts by tags sticking out just like I am. It clearly bothered her. I'm glad I was able to understand what it was she wanted so I could remedy the situation and give her peace of mind. Yup. So alike. The next thing you know, she'll be reaching out to spin one of the boy's shorts a little when the seam doesn't go up the middle of their butt. 

But then she does things like this that make me realize we're pretty different after all:

And that makes me happy. I love you, Edith!


jww said...

How cute! I know, those little realizations are so funny. I've had those with Ethan, where he can't walk away from something until it's lined up or something. It's great to know so quickly what is bothering him and be able to take care of it. Love the cute picture of Edith here.

patti's place said...

So funny! Thanks for sharing in such clever ways! Love you!