Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day!

I hope Rophone had a great Father's Day today. Well, despite the fact that he had to work in the morning. The kids were bummed that he was already gone when they woke up, especially Big. He really wanted to give Rophone a gigantic hug and wish him Happy Father's Day-- good thing those things save.

When we got home from church it was great to see Rophone and give him the well wishes he deserves. He is such a great dad and the kids love him. To show our appreciation for all he does, the kids and I tried to get him some gifts we knew he'd love.

We got him a case for his phone so he doesn't drop it. Very important. I think Rophone liked it.

Then the kids picked out a shirt for Rophone that they thought he'd like. They know Rophone wears polos a lot and that he thinks mustard yellow is swell. It seems like they made a good choice, don't you think?

The last gift was something we knew Rophone really needed for his workstation. It's kind of an ordinary thing, but we wanted to make sure that the gift was anything but ordinary. I think somebody likes their new mousepad....

In the evening, we were able to have Rophone's dad and his wife over for dinner. The garden burgers and homemade potato salad really hit the spot. Especially with some juicy, cold watermelon along with it. The food was good and the company was great. It was nice to be able to let Rophone's dad know how much we appreciate him, too. 

Rophone is exactly the type of father I wanted for my children. Happy Father's Day, Rophone! We love you!

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jww said...

Awesome. Great photos. I love the mousepad!!! AN-I-MAAAAL!