Friday, June 1, 2012

The Favorites of the Day of Fri

1. We picked up our second Bountiful Basket on Saturday morning. Lovely stuff. Num!

2. Since the weather was blustery and rainy on Saturday, we decided to postpone our yard work and went to IKEA instead. I was excited to finally pick up the necessary things to create my art center for the kids. We also purchased a new kitchen table (our old little round one is too small for all of us now that Edith is sitting with us). So awesome!

3. We didn't have any grand plans for Memorial Day on Monday, so we just did the yard work that we couldn't do on Saturday and then spent the rest of the day putting together the furniture delivered that day and organizing things. It was perfect, actually. The new kitchen table has two extra leaves, so we should be able to seat 12 if we need to. I can't wait to have people over! 

The art center turned out exactly as I had hoped, too. One of the things I always wished when I was a kid was that art things were more accessible and that I had a place to do it (and that I could use pristine, white paper instead of scrap paper). Making a mess of the kitchen table never goes over very well. So, I wanted to make sure my kids have a place to create. I still expect them to clean it up, however. They're doing a great job so far.

I love that everything has its labeled place. We got an extra large table so that if we have another art party or even just extra friends or cousins around to do art with us, we can pull the table out from the wall and have room for everyone. Plus, I can put a tablecloth on it to seat even more for dinner! 

What a great day-- getting the house shaped up in ways I've hoped to do makes me so happy.

4. Pen and I both went to the dentist this week-- Pen for a cleaning, and me to have impressions of my mouth taken so the ceramist can begin working on the fancy repairs for my teeth. No cavities for Pen (yay!) and it looks like I get teeth whitening out of the deal-- guess I might as well upgrade rather than match the new 'teeth' to the old white-ish color.

5. The tooth fairy finally remembered to come today. Ginger got 4 teeth pulled on Tuesday and it took her forever to get here with the reward. Glad we don't have to wait on that slowpoke fairy anymore this week. Ginger is being so tough, even though she can't really chew. I was thinking-- I can chew but can't bite, Ginger can bite but can't chew... if only it weren't too gross to combine forces.

6. We've had some good family time this week which always makes me happy. It was topped off tonight by a visit from my parents and my sister-in-law. My folks brought her back into town with them so she can attend a friend's wedding. It was fun to hang out tonight for a while and chat. 


patti's place said...

Good to be back and good to be part of a good week report!

jww said...

"too gross to combine forces." THAT was funny!! :) I *LOVE* your art center. Note to self: move closer to an IKEA. (Yes, Portland got one about 20 minutes before we moved. Gr.)