Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Reading with Edith

Edith and I read this awesome book together tonight. It's called 'Animal A-Z'. It says it's 'for kids who really love animals!' and Edith definitely fits that description. Here's a little of how it went:

Me: "F is for Flamingo."
Edith: "Mingo."
Me: "G is for Gorilla."
Edith: "Rilla."
Me: "H is for Hippopotamus."
Edith: "Potamus."
Me: "I is for Impala"
Edith: "Pala."
Me: "J is for Jaguar."
Edith: "Jagra."
Me: "K is for (a sleeping) Koala."
Edith (puts finger to her lips): "Shhhhh."
Me: "L is for Lemur."
Edith: "Mur."
Me: "M is for Macaw."
Edith: "Caw."
Me: "N is for Narwhal."
Edith: "Whal."
Me: "O is for Orangutan."
Edith: "Tan."
Me: "P is for panda."
Edith: "Panma."
Me: "Q is for Quetzal."

After a long, long pause, Edith said a very firm, "NO." Okay, moving on.

Me: "R is for Rhinoceros."
Edith: "Nossrus."

I turned the page and started saying, "S is for Sloth." when Edith strongly insisted that we go back a page. She pointed to the bird and I again repeated: "Q is for Quetzal." What Edith then said sounded sorta right. It started with the right sound and ended in -al. It just had about 3 too many syllables. I'm just proud of her for giving it a go! You'll get it, Edith. We'll try again tomorrow.


patti's place said...

No wonder your kids are such great talkers...they learn words from infancy.

jww said...

That is so cute!! And I have that exact book, so I know exactly what you're talking about!! :)