Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fabulousness

1. I've been enjoying salads all week made from the greens we received in last Saturday's Bountiful Basket. I'm having another tonight for dinner, in fact. I have just discovered this week how much I love a pile of quinoa on top of my greens along with everything else. I love salad.

2. Rophone and I were able to take Ginger on a date on Saturday (to her favorite store, Williams Sonoma, and to lunch). It was fun. With Pen being at camp this week, I've been able to have a lot of one-on-one time with Ginger after the younger kids were in bed. I've really enjoyed it.

3. I was able to witness shoe-obsessed Edith fall in love with her very first pair of high heels on Sunday. I love hearing the little click, click of her heels as she walks around. Gotta love hand-me-downs.

4. We went as a family (minus Pen who is at camp) to get our teeth cleaned on Tuesday. I love that my kids love to go to the dentist, and 'no cavities for all!' is always a nice thing to hear. I really enjoy having clean teeth. The only slightly hairy moment was when the hygienist got the floss stuck between my two front 'teeth' because apparently when they did the temporary fix they ended up glued together. 

5. The kids were able to resume their piano lessons this week. I am eager for my children to learn instruments and I think learning piano is the first step. I hope we are able to keep it up this time.

6. Today was a fun day. I was able to...

a) Try a new hairdo out on Edith. 'Doing' a little girl's hair is kind of a new thing for me (yes, I know I've had two other little girls, but they kept barrettes in) and I didn't do a very good job, but at least Edith sits fairly still. I mean, when your hair looks like this in the morning... might be kinda nice feeling to have someone tame it for you.

b) Measure Ginger and share in her joy at finally passing the 5 foot mark (5' 1/4"). Edith sidled in to get in on the action, too. After I made her mark and complimented her on how tall she is, she clapped for herself and exclaimed happily, "Tall!!!" I love my girls.

c) Play a rousing game of Scrabble with Bud.

d) Listen as Big read me a story. Big is getting more into reading to me. He's really progressing and I'm so glad.

I also got to play Big in a game of one-on-one basketball this evening. I thought I had schooled him, but apparently I was wrong. It was a blast. Even though I lost. I guess.

e) Got to watch the kids run through the sprinklers and have fun outside. 

Edith liked the puddles...

..but not being sprayed by the sprinklers. Her fantastic big sister, Ginger, devoted her time to try to help Edith get over her fear. It was cute to see them together.

There wasn't any crying, but I'm still not convinced Edith thought that it was fun.

7. I am grateful that not only is my husband hard-working, but he is also highly skilled at what he does. It's a good feeling.

8. I've had a new phone for a while now, and I didn't really think that I'd ever really get into the taking-pictures-with-my-phone thing. As you can tell by the number of phone-photos in this post... I was wrong. Taking pictures with my phone allows me to capture more of the everyday moments. The little things that I wouldn't normally haul out my big camera for. I love having a record of such things. And I love that it allows me to take fun, spur-of-the-moment shots like this (Yes, Ginger knows this shot is out in the internet-o-sphere-- she even picked the filter we applied. I'm so glad Ginger is able to appreciate the humor of the shot without being self-conscious.):

Call me a phone-photo convert. 

Happy Fabulous Friday, everyone!


patti's place said...

Sounds like a pretty calm week. Love how you express things and capture them by photo.

jww said...

I love everything!! What a great week. Edith's hair is so cute. I just got a new phone--literally, like 4 days ago--and I, too, am a skeptic about the photos, but it looks like such a cool thing, I know I'll try it. If YOU'RE happy with it, I have more confidence. :)