Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Favorites!

Rophone worked last Saturday and Sunday, so we'll just act like those days aren't part of the week....

1. I started participating in a boot camp on Monday (and then went again on Wed. and Fri). It's early. Really early. It's a little tough getting up before 6 am (especially when Edith isn't sleeping well due to her molars beginning to make an appearance), but it's kind of fun to go get my butt kicked. And, boy, am I getting my butt kicked. Hobbling is sexy, right?

2. Pen and I went to the eye doctor on Monday afternoon. I'm so glad that I don't have to get bi-focals yet! I can't wait to get some new glasses.

3. Rophone came home a little early on Monday, too. Love that.

4. I managed to get the kids to help with a little cleaning around the house this week. I convinced them that it is what their dad really wants for Father's Day. I may have fudged the truth a little bit, but I'll do whatever it takes to get what I wanted for Mother's Day.

5. Rophone had the morning off on Thursday since he was going to be working in the evening. We decided to take the car to get it washed and cleaned. I really like riding through the carwash-- makes for some interesting photos, too. Ahhh... so much better!

6. Since Rophone worked both days last weekend (thanks for working so hard, Honey!), he was able to take the day off today. After I got back from boot camp, we had a nummy breakfast (pancakes for the kids, green smoothie for Rophone and me). Then we went and helped in my folks' yard. As a reward for everyone's hard work, we went to the library as a family. I'm so glad Rophone was along so Edith could explore and really enjoy the library more than she's able to when it's just me will all 5 kids. 

7. Rophone and I went on a date tonight! Definitely a favorite.

I'm falling asleep as I type this (literally), so I guess it's time for bed. 


CarrieMarie said...

*laugh* there are days/nights when that's the only thing that tears me away from my book - the fact that i am falling asleep!

your week sounds sooooo nice! glad you got to spend lots of hubby & family time!! happy early father's day to the hubs! : )

jww said...

I seriously, SERIOUSLY love #4.

patti's place said...

I laugh at the comment about "wanting a clean house" for an occasion. You've been around me too long. At any rate we loved being on the receiving end of bush trimming. Thanks to all!