Thursday, July 28, 2011

Family Reunion: Family Photos

A must for a family reunion is some family photo taking. We first attempted to take a shot of my parents with all 18 of their grandchildren. The girls were all wearing the dresses or aprons my parents brought back from Armenia. 

Oh, so much enthusiasm.

A bit better...

I love the way Edith is looking at my dad in this funny-face shot:

Then, when you move on to the pictures of the siblings both with my parents and without, there is perhaps too much enthusiasm. I was smiling so hard my face scrunched up and my teeth looked like dentures on the verge of popping out of my mouth.

When I mentioned this, my family came to the logical conclusion that we should all roll our upper lips under to achieve a uniform look. Makes complete sense. To us.

But first, a brief tutorial for our mother..

Okay, here goes..

I think her lipstick must be keeping her from achieving the desired effect. Let's give it another try.

Raising the eyebrows definitely helped.

I will now pause for a picture of the folks before we get into the shenanigans again. 

They look completely normal, don't they? Don't fall for it, it's an act. How else would they have created such weird children?

We do look pretty normal here, though:

And here, too:

But, really, we were just scheming... produce THIS!!!

Ta Da! Being on top of a pyramid when you're 40 may not be completely normal in your world, but in our world it is! (Note: no siblings were killed or otherwise maimed in the filming of this pyramid)


patti's place said...

Loved it! But even with tutoring, don't think I'll ever get quite the toothy look. It was a great family reunion! Thanks for adding to the fun! Love the photos!

Pat H. said...

This was my favorite blog in a long time. What a hoot!

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Laura said...

Fun photos!!