Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. We had to drive home from our vacation last Saturday. That's not one of my favorite things, but I love that I was heading home with all but one little grocery bag of our clothes washed and folded. Having a washer and dryer when you vacation with a family of 7 makes things a lot easier when you get home.

2. I started a new photo challenge this week. I'm feeling quite rusty, and I get slightly panicky feelings when I start trying to imagine what I'll do next (just like during the last challenge), but I kind of like it.

3. Edith can sit up all by herself for a few minutes at a time now. Not bad for a just-turned-five-month old.

4. Ginger and Bud have been spending the week at my sister's house. They are getting the chance to spend time with cousins, try a lot of new foods, and do a lot of activities they wouldn't be able to do here. They're having a great time. Thanks for coming up with the idea, sis, I know they'll remember it forever!

5. I have finally got a few little tomatoes on some of my tomato plants! Hopefully the late start and extra wet and cool spring won't keep us from enjoying veggies from our garden.


patti's place said...

Fun favorites. We miss those not here, but know they are having a great time.

janeannechovy said...

I hope they're having a good time! I know they're not giving me much trouble. We went to a big BBQ tonight, complete with fire for roasting marshmallows, tree house, big lawn, ice cream treats, etc. Sole dark spot of the evening (for Bud anyway) was that there were a couple of dogs at the house. Sigh.

jww said...

Hooray!! I, too, did my last 2 trips at places where I could wash clothes, and I came home with CLEAN clothes, which made a world of difference. Good for Edith at sitting up so early. Mine seemed to do that, too, and it seemed like they just wanted to be part of everything going on. And yay for tomatoes!

Laura said...

I'm LOVING the photos in your challenge. :-)

The Laundry Queen said...

Thanks, Laura!