Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Family Reunion: Park and Pool

While the older kids were off doing older kid things (ie. bike rides, swimming at the outdoor pool, and the Paulina Plunge), and when we weren't busy playing in the family tennis tournament, Rophone and I did things with the younger kids. We spent most of our time at the park and the indoor pool. The weather, while perfect for participating in most of our outdoor activities, was a little cool (and breezy in the afternoons) to brave the outdoor pools. Of these things, I managed to take pictures. Of whatever the older kids were doing, well... use your imaginations!

At the park, the kids spent a lot of time on a huge rock which they named 'Planet Zar'. I have very similar pictures of the girls from the last time we were here, seven years ago.

I think the best part of visiting 'Planet Zar' is the dismount.

The kids all really enjoyed the big metal slide, too. That old-school slide is the best one in the park, of course. Fast enough to put some wind in their hair, anyway.

I also took a few shots of Bud with his cousin, The Wizard. They will both be starting first grade in the fall, the little sweetie pie thugs. (They have another cousin, The Tornado, who will be in first grade, too, but he had to go home a little early. Having all three of them would have made the pictures even better. Next time.)

I tried getting a picture of my niece, Cindy Lou, but her mom (my sister) wouldn't stop telling her what to do...

...but then I told my sister to shut her yap and got a nice shot.

Not only was the park fun for the kids, but it has some lovely shade so we adults (and Edith!) could sit and enjoy ourselves. (Not without some visits, of course. That Edith is popular.)

I mean, look at that face!

Edith just loved the fact that she had more than a week straight to hang with her bestie.

They were just happy to be together. 

Even when the wind picked up.

Hmmm... I just realized that this post is already ridiculously long and I haven't even mentioned the pool yet. Oh, well. Just know that the kids had fun and the water was too cold for Edith (note Bud's purple lips). Other than that, I think we'll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

You can tell we're having a blast, can't you? Honestly, we were. I just wish I could have taken more pictures of everyone doing all the varieties of things we did (I know you must shudder to think of how long my posts would be!)

On the last afternoon, I managed to take Pen, Ginger and Bud to play tennis with my mom, their cousin, Newton, and his dad, so I guess I could have taken pictures of them then. But, I didn't. I played. I suppose actually playing with my children isn't such a bad substitute for taking pictures of them playing by themselves. I'll take it.


Tamsen said...

Really great photos (love the ones of Edith in the wind and of Big in the pool). Bummer we left early...

carmar76 said...

awesome, awesome pictures! y'all had so much fun, love it!! :)

jww said...

No worries. As you know, I'm a fan of "ridiculously long" posts. Great photos. My favorite has to be the one of Rophone holding Edith. Priceless. What a great trip!!