Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Favorites

It's a good thing I'm doing this today, since tomorrow my mind may be gone.

1. On Monday, Edith and I graduated from physical therapy! Now that we have her neck stretched and her head nice and round, we just have to keep it that way.

2. Edith turned 4 months this week. I can't believe how old she's getting.

3. I finished my Ashlland 365 Day Photo Challenge photo book. Finally. I actually was just a few pages shy of finishing a year ago, but lost motivation to finish since I couldn't afford to purchase one. I still can't afford one, but it's nice to have that weight of a project unfinished off my shoulders. It feels good to be done, and this way when I can afford one it's ready to go!

4. Rophone only had to work a few hours this morning. We're going to try to get stuff done around here so we don't have to clean on my birthday tomorrow. 

5. We're going to dinner at my folks tonight for an early birthday celebration. They are going out of town tomorrow and will miss my actual birthday, so tonight it is! I'm excited because my sister, her husband, and their new twin boybies are planning on being there. It should be a fun and very baby-centric evening (not exactly what I would have expected for my 40th).

Time to go blow out some candles!


Laura said...

Your birthday is my wedding anniversary. Now we are connected forever.
Have a fab birthday, and yay for graduation day for you and Edith.

carmar76 said...

happy early birthday & have a good time w/ the fam!! baby-centric 40th! wooot!

The Laundry Queen said...

Laura-- Yay! And Happy Anniversary!

carmar-- Thanks!

jww said...

Hooray for Edith's graduation! And the photo book. Very nice!