Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Family Reunion

I don't even know where to start my post about the family reunion we went on last week-- it was just so jam packed full of things and I didn't take very many pictures*. Usually I let my pictures do most of the talking, but this time I decided to actually live the vacation rather than take photographs of other people participating. 

It was difficult enough to juggle nursing Edith with feeding the other kids and participating in activities, without adding in taking photographs. One of the things had to go, and I'm pretty sure that starving your kids while on vacation is in bad form. Plus, they yell at me.

We vacationed in one of my favorite places on earth. I love that there is a park, swimming pools, miles and miles of bike paths, tennis, and golf (which we didn't take advantage of this time) right outside our doorstep. Not to mention all of the fun things we did at the house-- air hockey, homemade shrinky dinks, games galore, singing, Sharpie tattoos, pedicures, hot tubbing (I never got the chance, but I will next time. I plan on hitting the spa at the lodge, too)...

It seemed that most of the time the older kids were doing things separately from the younger kids, so I didn't really get pictures of the girls doing much of anything. The most important thing is that, whether I took pictures of it or not, everyone had a fabulous time.

I did manage to take a picture of the bike path while we were out on one of our family walks, but none of my kids actually biking on the paths. Go figure. 

Thank heavens my sister, Auntie Art, came through on that one...

She took these other cute ones of the girls, too:

And I'm stealing this photo from my SIL, Jazz Hands:

I managed to take a few photos of folks hanging out at the house...

gotta love those windows!

and a few of my kids while we were on family walks....

...but I mostly just took pictures at the park and the pool. Maybe I'll do a separate post with those, in fact. Oh, and I'll do another post with the family pictures, too. Don't want to overload anyone. Yet. 

I'll just share a few photos of the Sharpie tattoos Auntie Art did for a few of us, though. It was one of my favorite at-home activities. Rophone has always wanted me to get a real tattoo and this just fueled his fire. (I got another one on the inside of my wrist that I loved, but we neglected to photograph it.) Pasty white legs are in, dontcha know...

Pen even got in on the action, getting an owl (she loves owls).

Seriously, so cool. Thanks, Auntie Art! 

We had a great time doing everything and can't wait to go there again. I'm glad my kids love the place as much as I do and were able to have so much fun with their cousins. 

*Okay, so my camera took 680 photos while we were there. That might seem like a lot to some of you (okay, most of you), but the majority of those 680 photos were logged while taking the family shots and when I took Senior pictures for my nephew. So, not a lot of pictures of the things we did.


jww said...

I have the same dilemma a lot of times: participate, or photograph? It's a tough call, but yes, participating has to be at least as good. :) Great photos, as usual. I love having multiple photographers, too, so you CAN steal photos from others! That works well on Kevin's side of the family but I'm the ONLY photographer on mine. (rolling eyes) I LOVE*LOVE*LOVE the Sharpie tattoos. Coolest thing ever, and Auntie Art (your sister?) has SKILLS!!!

The Laundry Queen said...

Yes, she's my sister (mother of the new twin boybies). It sure is nice to have an artist/art teacher in the family!