Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Favorites

1. I loved last weekend. It was a nice and relaxing 3-day hangout as a family. We got some things done, enjoyed one another, got to see my sister's twin boybies be blessed, and went to my folks' house to barbecue and roast s'mores on Labor Day. I was just glad to have three days with Rophone where he was feeling moderately good. 

2. It's official. Edith knows what she's saying when she says "Mama". She looks right at me when she's hungry or tired (or both!) and says "Mom" or "Mama". It can become a bit of a chant until I go and help her out. I'm just excited, because Edith's the first of the kids to say my name before saying "Dada". What can I say? She likes me.

3. I have been loving eating a little dairy this week. I've had mexican-type food the past two days and the little bit of cheese and sour cream makes my mouth happy. Oh, Dairy, how I've missed you!

4. Big started school this week and he loves it. I must admit, that I'm loving it, too. One morning when he was gone, Edith took a 2 hour nap. I looked around at all of the things I should be getting done while I had the free time and didn't do any of it. I relaxed. So heavenly. Plus, Big is much happier on school days. I wish he got to go more than 2 days a week.

5. Big and I had a great day today. When he was Sandra Burn, she Swiffered the kitchen and dining room and we made cookies with Edith. Then he "changed" himself into Jake and we played football and ate a lovely lunch. After lunch he was Joe and we talked worker trucks and construction and read a (really long) book about Fire Engines. We have a lot planned for tomorrow, too.

6. The weather is finally starting to get cooler. Aaaah. I can't wait for fall to really kick in.


patti's place said...

It was a nice week! Hope it continues!

carmar76 said...

dairy & fall - two of my favorite things this friday (the other one is spending the afternoon w/ leyton, of course!) : )

janeannechovy said...

That kid cracks me up! He certainly makes your life more interesting. Good thing he hasn't yet developed a persona that doesn't like school!

jww said...

Wow, Big sure keeps you on your toes! I am glad he gets to go to preschool. And I really am happy for you to be able to eat dairy again. I think I would die without dairy. Especially with Mexican food!