Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Seven Months with Edith

Edith continues to be a fantastic baby and we love to have her around. Rophone and I decided that she came along to keep us from becoming bitter, curmudgeonly parents. Life is a little hard right now, so we're glad she's around to help us be more joyful.

She doesn't have any teeth yet, but still has those bumps in the back where her molars will be so she loves any kind of toy she can gnaw on. Edith goes to town on her linking letters and her favorite teething ring, trying to figure out how to shove them far enough into her little mouth to provide some relief.

The poor girl didn't get a long enough afternoon nap so she kept on having to take breaks to rub her eyes. So cute.

Edith took breaks to check out her lovely little dress, too.

And to show off her legs, of course. Still rockin' the rolls, as you can see.

Oh, and Edith wanted to show you another little skill she's acquired. The tantrum. 

She really started working on her tantrums just before last month's post, but now has it down to an art. So much so, that I think I'll do another post about it. The good thing is, though, that her tantrums only last about a minute (this time due to the fact that she thought I was going to pick her up, but didn't) and then she's back to her normal self. No hard feelings, see?

The smart cookie has even figured out that if you use the floor to shove your teething ring in you can more easily access the far reaches of your mouth.

Plus, it leaves one hand free to fiddle with other things she finds interesting.

All of that teething can be hard work, so sometimes a rest is in order. Phew!

Edith still loves to suck on her toes and I will often find her gnawing on her big toe with gusto. She has better foot-to-mouth coordination now, so rarely pokes herself in the eye or scratches herself on the forehead anymore. I didn't actually capture a photo of her in the act, but will try to do so for a future post.

Edith still isn't a big fan of baby food. I have noticed that she really doesn't like it when I mix her food with rice cereal or oatmeal, but even giving her the food straight up doesn't produce great results. All of my old tried and true tricks get me nowhere. Or at least not anywhere very fast. 

Singing, dancing, funny faces, funny noises, tickling, reading books, pretending to eat, eating for real (this homemade baby food stuff is good!).... all for naught. I tell you, this kid is a hard case. Edith has perfected the closed mouth smile. I can sometimes breach it for a bite or two, but then she's on to my tricks. We have figured out that Edith definitely prefers vegetables to fruits, although I think her favorite to date has been the sweet potato/apple combo. I tried it. It's good!

I don't think it will be long before Edith is on the go. She gets so frustrated at her inability to move the way she'd like. She's getting close to figuring out how to get on her hands and knees and if we stand her up she tries to take off running. She's not really successful with that one, as you can imagine. The girl just loves to be out and about. We went as a family to Costco tonight and she hummed and sang with happiness the whole time. Seeing her joy and amazement gave me a new appreciation for warehouse stores. 

Having Edith around makes everything more special and exciting. We are all so happy she has joined our family. We love you Edith!


janeannechovy said...

Ah, the flash tantrum! The Wizard was my kid who had those. Too bad they all didn't. Very cute pictures!

patti's place said...

She's just keeps getting cuter and wilier, it would seem. Love the age!

jww said...

It's amazing to me how much she has grown. She just looks OLDER now. Great pictures. I love the ones with the purple teether. So cute. I'm glad she has such a great personality and has brought so much to your family. :)

SassyMama said...

Nice pics, Edith. My favorite being, of course, the one with the teether on your face. And good heavens, girl, you truly are rocking' those rolls!:)