Thursday, September 1, 2011


I've been awfully tired lately-- I have been having trouble sleeping for some reason. This morning I even asked the kids, "So, do you want water or drink to milk?" Not the first time I've uttered that phrase, believe it or not. It seems to surface when I'm at my most exhausted. 

It doesn't help my poor, tired brain that Big has added yet another character to his long list of personalities. For the past few days he has been insisting that I call him Nina and refer to him using she/her. It can get awfully confusing at times, especially when he switches between characters throughout the day. Poor Edith doesn't know who her brother is. 

This is what happened when I praised Big for being a fantastic helper:

Me: "Thanks so much for helping, Big!"

Big: "Nina."

Me: "Oops. Sorry, Nina. But it really was such a big boy thing to do. I appreciate it."

Big: "Big girl."

Me: "What?"

Big: "A big girl thing to do."

Me: "Oh, yeah. Sorry. Thanks for doing such a big girl thing. You really are getting bigger!"

Big: "I know. Right now I only have nipples, but I'll be getting boobs soon!"

Of course. I can hardly wait.


carmar76 said...

LOL he is a character, that Big!

patti's place said...

If I want a laugh for the day, just have to read one of your postings. One person with multiple personalities in hard for anyone to deal with, let along a sleep deprived mother. Love you!

SassyMama said...

I LOVE me some Big:)