Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This past Sunday was Easter. Rophone had to work the first half of the day, so we waited until he got home to celebrate. It actually worked out, since church is at 9 am. There's no way I could have pulled off getting the kids ready for church and Easter stuff by that time in the morning. 

After church, I stuffed the kids full of some lunch (and Big spilled raspberry jam on his clothes) and forced them to pose for a picture. It's an Easter must, isn't it? Trying to get all 5 to look at the camera was a losing proposition. Especially with their eyes all open-- I think Pen had her eyes closed in almost every shot. Anyway, here are a few photos that show the process: 

It makes me laugh.

Anyway, after the picture taking we went inside to see what the Easter Bunny brought. I was super excited about it this year since it was Edith's first time participating. I love my other kids, but this Easter was really about her. That's why most of the photos are of Edith. Sorry, other kids. We'll get back to you next year.

The kids trooped in to the living room and had a look-see. I love how Edith is so interested to see what her brother is showing off. 

Then it was time for Edith to check out what was in her basket.

She seemed to think it was all pretty swell, until she noticed the dark chocolate Cadbury Mini Eggs for Rophone in our basket, that is. Now we're talking excitement!

I love these next few photos. How Edith's standing there so solidly, and her body language illustrates how happy and proud she is to be doing just what her older brothers and sisters are doing. You can tell she's pleased as punch to be a part of it all and feels so big. All of that without even seeing her face.

And then she was distracted by the Cadbury Eggs again. 

Clearly, if I wanted to keep Rophone's eggs for ourselves, it was time to change focus. Time to hunt for eggs!

Edith did really well for about a minute, even putting the first egg she found into her basket as we instructed her to do. Way to go, Edith!

(My motherly guilt is telling me it's time to pause for a few photos of the other kids)

You can tell I spent so much time on taking those shots, huh? Anyway, back to Edith. Doesn't she look fabulous in her cute dress from her cousin? I love it on her.

How does that taste, Edith?

I think Edith really loved her first (participatory) Easter, although she kept trying to blow on things like they were candles at a birthday party. I'm sure she'll be able to differentiate between the holidays eventually. Give her time.

Happy Birthday Easter! Blow, Edith! Perfect.


patti's place said...

Fun pictures! You have a knack and the kids seem to be pretty photogenic, I'd say!

Laura said...

Your children are adorable! Love the photos!

The Laundry Queen said...


jww said...

I love her little fish-lips face in that one shot. Lots of great pictures! Tell Edith not to worry--I would have been really distracted by the Cadbury eggs, too. Easter candy is WAY BETTER than Halloween or Christmas candy. Yeah, sister!