Friday, April 6, 2012


I don't know why I'm always caught so off guard when Friday rolls around again. It's not like it has suddenly changed location. It just seems like it. 

1. Rophone's console at work was broken to start the week so he got half of Monday off. I wasn't the one to break it, I swear, but it did give us some needed time together. 

2. Edith got a new tooth! She's got five!

3. This was a week of soccer and more soccer. We really like it, and Edith has let us know that she's going to be a soccer star when she's older. The girl is obsessed. That makes me happy.

4. A really nice (and very energetic) kid on Bud's team told me what a good player 'she' is. I thanked him and agreed with his assessment. Then I told him that Bud is actually a boy, just a boy with long hair. The kid's simple, accepting response of, "Oh. That's cool." made me happy. After the bullying Bud has gone through this year, it's nice to know there are still kids out there who just don't care and accept others for who they are.

5. Pen auditioned for the high school competition dance team yesterday. She thinks it went well. We are still waiting to hear wether she made it or not, but I'm just happy that Pen is going for what she wants and is so eager to have new experiences. I think she's going to make the most of the next 4 years by taking advantage of opportunities that come her way. I love that she's willing to work hard to get what she wants, too. Fingers are crossed!

6. Rophone took me on a date to get frozen yogurt tonight. The company was great and the yogurt was, too. Num!

More soccer tomorrow!


CarrieMarie said...

jana, i LOVE how encouraging you are of your kids. and also glad you got to have a date night! : )

jww said...

Great week. I love all the soccer going on, and I am glad for the "Oh. That's cool," comment. Bud probably needed that. Tell Pen good luck with the dance team. That would really be fun. She's brave for trying out. (IN my opinion. Trying out is scary for me. Or maybe just imagining myself trying out for a dance team is scary for me.) Happy for you & Rophone, too! Kevin & I haven't had a date for a couple of weeks--one weekend at a funeral and this weekend he's away at youth conference as YM pres--so I am a tad jealous of your opportunities to have Rophone home early and have a date. VERY happy for you! :)