Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Really Likes

Can you tell that I'm getting sick of the same old title every week? It was Spring Break for the kids this week, so some good things must have happened.

1. We found out on Saturday that Pen made the high school competition dance team! Such a thrill for her (and for us, too). Now she's more excited than ever to enter the 9th grade in the fall. The trip the team gets to take to San Francisco sure doesn't make her any less excited, I can tell you that. 

2. We had 3 soccer games on Saturday, which meant we had to split up a little. It also meant that I missed seeing Ginger score a goal! I'm super excited for her-- it feels so good to do that. 

3. We dyed eggs on Saturday, too. I love to make eggs pretty. 

4. Sunday was Easter, of course. I already posted about that earlier in the week and you can read about it here

5. I took the kids to the library on Monday so they'd have some good reading for our Spring Break Stay-cation. It's been too long since we've gone, and I'm happy to say that I picked up a few books, too. I've even managed to read a little this week. 

6. We went to frozen yogurt as a family on Monday night. We had a great time together.

7. I worked out in the yard with the boys on Tuesday morning for a while and the girls tackled some laundry inside (no, I'm not one who believes that girls work inside, boys out-- you know me). I mention this because it always feels good to get things accomplished-- I'm always amazed at how much better I feel. With 4 shedding pine trees in our yard it can get pretty trashy looking out there. The boys and I decided to attempt some pine needle cleanup. Here is a picture of one of the mountains we created and then put in the yard debris can:

We filled up the can to the brim with needles (with me even getting in the can and hopping up and down a few times to compress them-- watching me do that was Edith's favorite part) and didn't even finish cleaning up what only 2 of the trees dropped this winter. It still feels good, though. And we had fun together.

8. I took the kids (minus Pen who wanted to stay home and read a la her Aunt Martha) on a fun hike up in the canyon on Wednesday morning. The weather was perfect-- the canyon sheltered us from the wind that was starting to whip up in the valley-- and the company was great, too. The kids loved getting to explore and I love watching them as they discover things. Edith was jealous as all get out, though, and would thrash around in her carrier, pointing and yelling in the kids' direction. She just wanted to join them as they climbed around. Luckily she was happy as long as I kept moving.

9. Edith and I had a talk about her behavior on the hike, and I explained that if she could walk she would be able to do more of the things the other kids were doing. Maybe our little chat is what inspired her to take 7 or 8 steps on her own last night. We just may have a new walker on our hands soon!

10. Yesterday was my favorite kind of weather-- cloudy and raining. We snuggled in and read our books (with pauses to clean the bathroom, do laundry, cook a little and feed the kids-- with 5 kids you don't get a complete pass, you know). With all of the warm weather we'd been having, I thought my 'Winter of Soup' was at an end. I was happy to be able to make another batch and have my folks over to enjoy it with us.

11. I am watching the 3 middle kids as they do synchronized dancing (or something) as they lie on the family room floor. I'm glad music is such a big part of our family life. If it weren't, I would miss out on seeing things like that (whatever it was). 

12. Rophone came home a little early today. That always makes me happy.

Having a break from the normal (busy) schedule has been really good for me this week. Can you tell?


mk said...

So many good things!! And I'm excited about Pen coming to SF. Will you guys come too? I would LOVE to see you! :)

The Laundry Queen said...

Pen is excited about the trip because it's *without* her parents, mk. So, I doubt it. Maybe on our own, though.

patti's place said...

The soup was delicious and we're always glad to be invited over. It has been a good week.

jww said...

All good stuff!!! Lovely! :)

P.S. Smiled at the title and that you're getting sick of the same title. When you first started Friday Favorites, I thought, "How cool. I should do that." And I was very tempted. But then I decided that I couldn't because I would get sick of myself. LOL (Plus I'd have to post more than once a week. Too hard for me.)

The Laundry Queen said...

It's true, jww, I do get pretty sick of myself. But, I realized that if I truly want my blog to be a record of my family for my children (and theirs) to enjoy, it might be a good idea to have a little more of me so they can get to know me better.