Friday, April 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. I hired some guys to clean out my car. It was really bad. The promise of two Starburst candies each gets you a lot more than you'd think. I taped some surgical gloves on the boys and they were rarin' to go! The car looks much better.

2. Rophone and I got to spend a lot of time together on Monday and Tuesday of this week. It was fabulous.

3. Big got his hair cut! I was perfectly fine with him growing it out, but he got tired of waiting for it to get long enough to go into a ponytail. I admit, it's kind of nice to be able to see his eyes-- they are about the sparkliest I've ever seen and the blue has flecks of gold in it. And I like that his head isn't tilted sideways anymore. Big seems to be happy about that, too. I'd say his haircut is a resounding success all the way around. I already wrote a post about it. You can either scroll down or just click here if you're lazy. 

4. We have watched a lot of fun soccer this week. I'm glad to see the kids having such a blast, and the fact that they're getting good exercise, too, is just icing on the cake. Plus, I'm super happy about the weather we've been having this Spring-- usually we are sitting and watching one or two of the games in snow or unbearably frigid wind. This year has been nice and balmy for the most part so far (knock on wood).

5. I made some quinoa sloppy joes the other day for dinner. The recipe needs a little work, but Edith loves it. She snarfs it down. I need to remember that she loves strongly flavored things and stop giving her plain pasta and other boring stuff.

6. I have had a big salad the last two nights for dinner. My tummy is so happy.

7. Edith is 14 months old today! Guess that means I'll be writing another post in the next few days to celebrate.

8. With all of the political stuff that's been going on (for what seems like forever), I thought I'd just mention how happy I am that my husband isn't smarmy. Not in the least. Yup. So, so glad. I love you Rophone!

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jww said...

I need to hire your Two Guys. :)