Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday, Friday

1. No soccer last Saturday because of Spring break. As much as I'm enjoying the season, with 3 kids playing it was kind of nice to have a break.

2. I took the girls to the Orthodontist on Monday. Looks like braces are in store for Pen very soon, and Ginger in a few years. I'm excited to get it started! 

3. Pen finished the last of her ballet classes this week. This is in my favorites simply because I'm excited to see what the future holds for her. I think we're going to have fun.

4. On Wednesday, Edith spent more time walking than crawling. So, I hereby declare her a walker! She still switches between the two modes of transportation, but she's basically there.

5. Pen and Ginger taught Edith how to do the Chicken Dance this week. So hilarious. We were having such a blast watching her that we didn't even think about taking video. Next time, for sure.

6. The other day I was talking about something that happened in 1978 and Bud broke in with the comment, "So, when you were about my age, Mom." I should be used to how smart he is by now, but things like that still amaze me. Good mental math on the fly for my almost 7 year old. 

7. Edith is a scowler (see sidebar picture). She is often displeased by things people say or do because she thinks they should only say or do what she tells them to. Anyway, it's funny now, but probably won't be later. Right now while it's still funny, I think that one of my new favorite things is seeing her scowl when she has her pigtails in. The dichotomy between her sweetness-and-light hairdo and her expression makes me smile. 

8. Pen is off performing in her very last ballet with her school tonight and I hope she is enjoying every moment of it. They finish up tomorrow night and I hope she dances her heart out. I'm proud of her for how dedicated and hard-working she has been, and I know she will continue to be that way with her next endeavor.

9. You know, I've got great kids. I'm so glad.

Guess I'd better go get dinner now. My stomach is begging me for some sustenance. Bye!


CarrieMarie said...

you do have great kids, and you're a great mom, so yay! : )

love edith's little sandals, too!

mk said...

Great list! I love your kids. You sound really happy this week. :)

jww said...

Good week. I agree--scowl with pigtails, best combination ever.