Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The New Kid

There's a new kid around here, and I can't find Big. Big looks like this:

A body with a bunch of hair on the top. I'd know him anywhere. 

The new kid looks like this:

I have absolutely no idea who he is, but he seems nice enough. And, like Big, he'll let you take his picture while he talks about work trucks. For a really, really long time. 

The new kid didn't even mind expounding on the stuff he'd already told me. Big's like that, too.

And then he noticed that his owie was bleeding. Hey, Big has one in the same spot! That's weird.

When he was looking down, the new kid realized that he was sharing his seat with a spider. Eeeek!

That made him forget all about work trucks and decide to play soccer. 

I wish I knew where Big was because he really loves to play soccer, too. If he were here, he and the new kid could play together. The two of them have so many similarities, I'm thinking they must be related. Maybe they're cousins. 


Tamsen said...

WOW!!! Isn't it crazy how a hair cut can make a kid look so much older? He loos so TALL in the cool shot of him kicking the ball (from the back, maybe third of fourth to last pic). His uncle (over my shoulder) thinks he looks so much like Big's dad!

Tamsen said...

Didn't proof that comment-- sorry! :) hope you could figure out what I meant ('looks' and 'third OR fourth' etc.).

The Laundry Queen said...

I deciphered the comment just fine, Tam. You forget that I'm a tired mother of a bunch of kids, too. We speak the same language. ; ) And, yes, I agree with you. He is totally slimming out and getting super tall. His shoe size is only a half size less than Bud's and he's not far behind in pants. Too bad Bud wears slims. The other day, Big wore a pair of size 7 skinny jeans that Bud has outgrown. They reminded me of Conan wearing the jeggings. Vaguely unsettling.

CarrieMarie said...

awww! haircuts are so much fun! i always notice that w/ leyton, too, how he looks so grown UP when he gets his hair cut. love all those pictures, he looks like he's having a BALL! : )

patti's place said...

I love being able to see his sparkling eyes. What led him to get his hair cut? I do like it though. I'd be interested in seeing him in person.