Saturday, August 25, 2012

Forgotten Favorites

I realized today that I completely spaced doing Friday Favorites yesterday. Oops. I hereby apologize to my most ardent follower. Anyway, the fact that I forgot probably has something to do with the fact that school started, soccer has consumed our lives, and I've been sick. So sick that the pain from sinus pressure made me want to pull out my newly shod teeth-nubbins with pliers. Anything to relieve the pain. I'm sure that something good happened this week, though...

1. The 3 older kids started school this week. It seems like it will be a good year-- the kids all like their teachers/classes, etc. I did a whole post on it and you can read about it by either scrolling down the page or clicking here. I can't wait for Big to start next week.

2. Big and I made some fun drop sugar cookies to ring in the new school year. We wanted the kids to have something fun in their lunches. It was nice to do something together.

3. The kids are still enjoying soccer. It's a bit of a juggle getting everyone where they need to go, sunscreened up and water in hand, often at conflicting times. But it's worth it. 

4. Boot camp still rocks. And it's turning me into more of a rock. Cool. 

5. Big found out that he will have the same teacher Bud and Ginger had for kindergarten. Now he's super excited to get started on his school year. I'm excited, too!

6. We went out as adults to celebrate my mom's birthday last night. It was nice to hang with my folks and my sister, Art, and her husband. We met my folks at the restaurant so my mom would be surprised. I think she was happy about it. Good job, Dad.

7. I think the most important part of the week is that I learned that my family can function quite well even if I take time for myself. I did boot camp 3 mornings this week, arriving home with just enough time to make lunches and remind the kids of a few little things before we head out the door to school. It's nice to know that Rophone and the kids can work together to make it all happen. Thanks, family, for stepping up so I can do this!


CarrieMarie said...

those sugar cookies look yummy AND like they are fun to make!!

jww said...

Awesome. So sorry about the sinus thing. I have had that a couple of times--once this year when I was flying cross-country alone and had to wait in line by myself to get re-ticketed for a missed flight. I am amazed I stood up. I hope you get to feeling better soon.