Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Favorites!

Woah! I almost forgot that it's Friday...

1. Last Saturday I worked in the yard. Not really what would normally be on my favorites list, I guess, but it felt nice to be getting things done.

2. Rophone's brother and two of our nephews stopped by Saturday evening. It was great to see them, so we're glad they were able to fit us into their busy schedule.

3. Monday we went to the splash pad at a nearby outdoor mall with my sister, Art, and her husband and their twin boybies. My folks came along, too, to watch the fun. And, indeed, it was fun!

4. I did some grocery shopping this week. Not a momentous thing, to be sure, but it's nice to have food in the house. 

5. We went to the library as a family this afternoon. I love it when Rophone is able to come along because Edith is able to really enjoy herself. When it's just me with all 5 kids I have to leave her strapped in her stroller while I help the others find books. I loved hearing her giggle with delight as she explored and wandered among the shelves. Great.

That's pretty much it. We've got to start doing more. Summer's almost over!


patti's place said...

Wonderful pictures. You have a great way of capturing the moment.

jww said...

How nice. The splash pad looks so fun!! Lovely photos.

CarrieMarie said...

EXCELLENT pictures!! i love stop-motion-water shots. : )