Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve 2012

I decided to do two separate posts about Christmas this year, rather than trying to jam all of it into one incredibly long, picture-packed post. I know, I know. You're welcome.

We had dinner at my mom's house tonight. She has a much better kitchen than mine (with two ovens) so it's easier to get everything made. I put the turkey in and made the stuffing and cranberry sauce, my mom took care of the potatoes, gravy, and pies. It all turned out great. 

I was really happy with the stuffing this year. I tried a slightly different recipe (first time adding egg and whole milk) and I used the dried bread cubes from the bread store we frequent. I really liked how it had all types of bread in it-- wheat, white, multi-grain, squaw bread... and even some orange cranberry and cinnamon raisin. Anyway, it made for a nummy stuffing. I think I'll do it again next year. (I sure do love having the big meal on Christmas Eve-- looking forward to leftovers and relaxation tomorrow!)

After dinner we acted out the nativity just like we always do (traditions are the best). I was so happy that everyone willingly participated. I think this is the first year that Big has joined in without a fuss, and Edith was definitely more excited than anyone else. Hands down.

Pen made a beautiful Mary, and Big a handsome Joseph. Things were going along smoothly until we realized that our little shepherd might not carry a crook, but she sure is a crook. A horsedonkey thief to be exact.

Oh, well. The show must go on. Mary and Joseph were visited by a magnificent angel who gave them a great message, 

and then (a few years down the road) some spiffy wise men showed up bearing gifts for Jesus. (Thank heaven the few years only took a few minutes-- the enthusiastic young shepherd missed her nap today and was getting a leetle loopy.)

I managed to capture a sweet picture of Pen with 'baby Jesus'.

I tried for a second shot but it was totally photobombed by the enthusiastic shepherd. 

She was just so excited to play her part, see? 

The best shepherd ever, I think. It was one of the quickest (thank goodness) and funniest versions of the nativity we've ever done. But, everyone was happy (hooray for no tantrums) and my dad would have loved every minute of it. We missed him. 

I sure do love this time of year. Merry Christmas.

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patti's place said...

Cute! Fun pictures captured a delightful evening. I miss him, too!