Sunday, December 30, 2012

Twenty-two Months with Edith

I feel like I haven't kept track of Edith's doings this past month as much as I usually do. Getting ready for Christmas probably has something to do with it. The fact that Edith is 22 months old means she only has 2 months to go before she turns two! Crazy!

Edith's language skills are really taking off. Every day I find myself being grateful that she can say pretty much whatever she wants. It makes things so much easier a lot of the time. Like just now when Big was sitting next to her dad where she wanted to be she whined, "That's my spot. Big is in my spot! I can't seeeee! I can't seeeee! Big is blocking me!" True, she was whining it, but at least we could understand her. Plus, it means she can sing Christmas songs, which I love to hear. So cute. 

I can't believe how tall Edith is getting! Pair that with her maturity, long hair, and good language skills, and I guess it's no wonder that Big's kindergarten teacher thought she was almost 3. 

Edith is still very independent and loves to do things on her own. She can put on her own socks and shoes and hats, and does pretty well with her pants if she doesn't get the waistband turned under. Hearing her say (or often yell) "I do it self! I do it sellllf!" is not uncommon.

Although Edith is happy playing with all types of toys (dinosaurs, blocks, cars, balls, etc), stuffed animals and baby dolls remain her favorite.

Much to our chagrin, the old baby doll is still her absolute favorite. I'm pretty sure she scarred us all for life the other day when she sat it up on the couch like this:

Creepy. But, Edith loves it so we'll just go to therapy later.

Edith is definitely the glue that holds us all together. She brings joy to our lives and we all love her. Rophone is still her definite bestie, but she seems to love the rest of us, too.

Happy twenty-two month, Edith! We love you!


patti's place said...

What a cutie! Glad she's in our family!

jww said...

So, so sweet! We had some "I do it seeeeeelf," too... and he's still like that.