Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Holiday Programs

With the way the kids' school lines up the performances for their Holiday program, more years than not I end up going to two separate performances. This year was no different. Thursday was the afternoon kindergarten and grades 1-3, Friday was the morning kindergarten and grades 4-6. 

So, on Thursday, Big, Edith, and I swung by to pick up my mom to go watch Bud perform. When we arrived, we realized that showing up 20 minutes before the performance wasn't nearly early enough to get a good seat (It's a cutthroat business, I tell you!). No matter, I thought. Not with my telephoto lens. I guess if I hadn't given Big the task of taking the camera bag out to the car I would have realized how light it was-- the lens was in the bag, but the camera sure wasn't. Luckily they pause for a few minutes before the individual grades perform so parents can take pictures. This is what I managed to capture over the heads of the gazillion other parents who were taking pictures of their own adorable 2nd graders. At least I had my phone so I could capture something, right?

Just know that Bud was cute and he did a great job. I will never get tired of watching that kid sing.

My mom and I decided to arrive a little earlier the next morning for the other half of the program. Even though we only got there about 10 minutes earlier than the previous day, there were so many seats available it was hard to choose! I kinda had a feeling we should sit on one side, but it was so open I couldn't decide. My indecisive nature allowed me to be swayed to the opposite side, which ended up being about as far away from where Big was standing as we could have been. I was so bummed to not have a good view of him for his very first school performance. 

Oh, well. At least this time I had my telephoto lens with me. I got up at the beginning and walked across the gym to take Big's picture before they started to sing. What a cutie.

The only problem was, that because I walked over there to take his picture Big assumed that I was sitting on that side of the room. So, most of the pictures I took of him were of the back of his head as he looked for me where I wasn't. At least I managed to snap a few. 

It was so fun to see Big perform in his first school program. Way to go, Big!

After sitting through the 4th and 5th grade numbers, it was finally time to see Ginger sing in her very last elementary school Holiday program. After 7 years of hearing the kindergarteners sing "I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas", I'm pretty sure she's not sad to see it go. (When I think of how many more years I get to hear that song....)

This is the picture you get of your 6th grader when they don't know you're taking their photo:

And this is the look you get when you holler a 6th grader's name in a crowded room so they'll look at you:

I love Ginger in that sweater. The color is fantastic on her. I was so happy that the 6th graders sang a new selection this year in addition to one of the old favorites. It was nice to hear something new.

The blonde boy next to Ginger is really getting into it in the last picture. Awesome. I really do love to go see and hear my kids perform, but I must admit that I'll be glad to only attend one show next year (provided they do it the same way). After that, it will be back to two until Big is out of elementary school. I sure do love my kids.


Alb said...

Hey at least we got one new song. Elmer elf took over from Must be Santa. We'll work on killing the hippo off too. I'm getting pretty sick of him myself.

The Laundry Queen said...

True, Alb. But did another grade sing Elmer Elf in years past? Or maybe it just seems like I already knew it from Big singing it around the house. Or from the day before... everything all blends togetherrrrr. :)

jww said...

Fun, fun stuff. Sorry about the camera. And the sitting on the wrong side. We just experienced the same thing--seems inevitable no matter how you try.

I'm happy for you that you GET a "holiday" program, though. Ours is IN DECEMBER, but there's no holiday to it at all. Kind of a bummer, I think. Although, now that you mention the hippo song, I will just be grateful. There is a whole slew of songs I won't be sorry not to hear.