Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What They Want 2012

This is one of my favorite posts every year. I just love to see what my kids want for Christmas and their lists are always good for a few laughs. I've thought about having them fill out one of those "1 Thing I want, 1 Thing I Need, 1 Thing to Wear, and 1 Thing to Read" things, but where's the fun in that? It would serve to make them appear less greedy to the folks who read my blog, but I'm not into appearances. I know how they really are. Plus, the 3 of us (Rophone, Santa, and I) need some options to choose from! 

Edith didn't write out a list this year, but she told us a few of the things she desires:

1. A puppy (stuffed)
2. A purse
3. Fun socks

Big did a fabulous job writing out his own list this time around.

Number 8 on Big's list is a little hard to read but it says 'Bruder Fire Truck'. It's been Bruder, Bruder, Bruder around here for the last couple of years. I'm thinking we need to buy stock in the company.

The first thing on Bud's list surprised me a little, but I definitely wasn't surprised by #2. Bud discovered Parcheesi while on vacation for Thanksgiving and thought it was great. What I really love about his list is the super teeny 'iPod Touch' that has been squeezed in between numbers 10 and 11. Obviously he's hopeful but not very optimistic. 

I really love how Ginger's list illustrates that she is straddling the line between kid and teen. Just what every almost twelve year old needs-- a laptop (mac, good girl) and googly eyes. And I love how googly eyes aren't lumped together with the other art supplies. Ginger is right, they deserve their own number. 

I was glad to see that Pen included something really practical on her list this year. It made me laugh, but she really does need a new mattress. She may be disappointed, but that and the leather jacket are probably a no-go. At least she provided us with a lot to choose from. I hope she's not too bummed when Santa brings the two of us matching dresses to wear to church. Dresses are on her list after all.

I really enjoy reading my kids' wish lists every year-- they are like little windows into their minds. I almost always learn something new about them. Plus, I appreciate the fact that the kids understand that just because it's on their list it doesn't mean they're going to get it. Appreciation for what they do receive abounds. Can't wait to see what Santa comes up with!


patti's place said...

I can't wait to see what Santa brings and what comes from the grandparents.

jww said...

Cute! They lists are so fun. I love how Edith wants "fun" socks and not just socks. And I just think it's funny that Big even KNOWS what an articulated dump truck is. I also love that Bud put "small cars" in parenthesis in case you don't know what Hot Wheels are. Ginger's list looks like Belinda's. And I love that Pen trusts you to know what "cute" shirts are. Great lists.