Friday, December 21, 2012

Crap! It's Friday!

I don't know why, but it has felt like Thursday all day today. 

1. Last Sunday my mom invited us over for dinner along with my sister, Art, and her family. It was nice to be together. Edith was excited to have her picture taken with the boybies, but only August agreed sit for the photo. Edith actually smiled for a bunch of takes, but since I was only using my phone her hard and active smiling made her blurry. I love this shot, though. The looks on their faces make me laugh.

2. While we were at my mom's, I tried out a new app I downloaded to my iPad. The results were awesome.

3. We got some beautiful snow this week. I really like having all of the brown of winter covered up.

4. I love this time of year. It makes me happy.

5. Bud made this sign for the door of the room he shares with Big. It makes me smile.

6. I got to make an awesome double-decker Geo Trax course with Big this week. It was fun. I really could have used a few more pieces so I could do what I really wanted with it, though.

7. The kids got out of school for Christmas break on Wednesday. This is good and bad, but mostly good. So, it makes the favorites list.

8. When I took Ginger to basketball practice on Wednesday, we got there a little early and spent some time hanging in the car, talking. I really appreciate that we can just chill and have conversations about all kinds of stuff. That she thinks that me, her mom, is worth talking to. And it's great that Ginger doesn't mind if I take her photo and isn't self-conscious about being silly or goofy. We had a good time.

9. The good part about all of the kids being home for vacation (besides the fact that I love my kids) is that Ginger is so good about playing with and including her younger siblings. I appreciate it so much. This morning she took all of the kids to the basement to play and I was able to enjoy drinking a mug of eggnog mocha hot cocoa in absolute peace. It was heavenly. Thanks, Ginger!

10. Speaking of eggnog mocha hot cocoa.... it rocks my world.

11. Rophone is now off until the new year. So, so, sooooo fantastic. 

12. I tried making my dad's famous fudge for the first time in 2 years tonight. It is tradition that Rophone and I give some to Rophone's dad every year for Christmas. Some years I make it myself, but most of the time my dad would just let me snag some that he had made. This time of year he would always have a batch in the fridge just waiting to be handed out to folks. Since stealing my dad's fudge is no longer an option, it's time to hone the skill myself. The fudge I made tonight isn't perfect, but should be edible. As I made it, though, I felt a connection to my dad and I liked that. 


janeannechovy said...

12. I know exactly what you mean. XO

patti's place said...

I could say the same!I think I need him stirring the pot instead of me...then it would turn out perfectly, I'm sure.