Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites

1. Rophone and I have been able to spend some good, quality time with the kids this week. It has been really nice. 

2. Edith has been more into letting me do her hair this week. She asks me to do it, even. This is a favorite because I think she looks so dang cute in pigtails or a ponytail.

It's also good because she sometimes wakes up with her hair looking like this:

3. This reminds me of how much I love good bed head. 

4. Big has been in a better mood as of late. This is a favorite because it makes my life easier. And I love him and feel better when I know he's happy.

5. I have been able to spend a lot of time with Rophone this week, too. It's awesome how we can convince the kids that we need to get out of the house without them because we might be buying them something for Christmas while we're out. Not that we are. Or aren't. Just that we might. Yet another reason to love this time of year. And the fact that we have in-house babysitters. 

6. I made a Christmas craft this week. I'm rather excited about it because I think it's just perfect for me and my holiday house. It's so simple and cute, but not cutesy. (Plus, I had the kids put out the decorations this year and they crammed a bunch of same-height stuff on the mantle. The display really needed some height!)

7. Okay, if I'm being honest, those are really most of the Christmas decorations we own. So, yet another reason why my new Christmas star is a favorite!

8. Big went on a play date after school today, so I got to enjoy a little quiet time while Edith was napping. The other kids had early dismissal, but I still got about an hour and a half! Decadent.

9. Bud managed to coax his other front tooth out tonight. Not exactly a trauma-free experience for him, but I think we're both glad it's finally out of there. And he looks so dang cute with both his front teeth missing. I love this age!

10. Rophone and I got to go on a date tonight. I was so excited to go support my sister, Art, and her husband in a gallery showing of nutcrackers. They both made and contributed a nutcracker to be put on display. I love having artsy people in my family. It was so fun to be with my fabulous husband on a real adult-like date that was different than our norm. I just love being with him. It was great to hang out with some other adults, too. I took a picture of Rophone being adult-like on our date. 

Not a bad week. I'm pretty happy with it.

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jww said...

No kidding--great week. In-house babysitting rocks. Great star, too!!