Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Breakfast, In Three Attempts

It took me 3 tries to eat breakfast this morning. 

After all the kids were fed, and the girls were off to school, I finally got a chance to toast myself a bagel. As I sat down to eat, I was surrounded-- a boy on each side, mouths open. Waiting.

Once the bagel had been devoured (very little of it by me, by the way), I decided to toast another half FOR MYSELF, to try to assuage my still hungry tummy. Did I get any of that bagel, either?! NOOO-oooo! And these boys had supposedly already eaten their fill with their own breakfasts!

I finally just gave up and poured myself a bowl of boring cereal. It worked. The boys quickly lost interest and it was mine! ALL MINE!


Lisa Marie said...

Ahh, yes. This is a frequent occurance in our house as well. "You already had yours. I haven't eaten ANYTHING yet. PLEASE let me eat this" is a phrase repeated far too often. I have found that hiding works sometimes. I'll grab my food and make a break for the den. Sometimes I make it, sometimes they catch me mid-run, and other times they hunt me down.

Jen said...

I guess it's a law of the universe, huh? Because it happens to me too -- all the time! Ren makes me feel so selfish because I get super territorial about my food with the kids, especially if I know they've ALREADY EATEN!