Thursday, September 4, 2008

Tantrum Style Points

Big is currently trying to develop his own tantrum style. He seems to be experimenting with all different types to see which is the best fit.  He used to do the flop on the ground and kick his feet. He has tried to stomp his feet in frustration, but that usually just ends in a fall to his butt as he loses his balance. 

He has been trying out a sitting tantrum which is reserved solely for his car seat, stroller and high chair. Big flings his head from side to side rapidly while yelling his head off. This one actually makes me laugh, and always earns him high tantrum style points.  

Most recently, when it comes to tantrums of the standing variety, he has been throwing his head backwards with all of his might. But, after hitting a few walls and door frames with the back of his head, and realizing the near impossibility of maintaining his balance if he does it while standing, he seems to have developed a new tantrum style. 

Big's new style is one that I have been hoping would never come about....the head butt. Within a five minute period today (before I managed to get him a snack), he head butted my laptop, the banister and one of my front teeth. Ouch! Not the best idea if one already has a head wound as he does (but, hey, he's only one! He needs a little more time to gain the ability to think more logically. Of course, if he's like me, that may never come!)

Hopefully he will realize sooner rather than later that the whole head butt thing is not all it's cracked up to be. Really, I think Big's original style of flopping on the ground is the least painful and definitely the most restful (I mean, I'll take any chance I can get to lie down for a moment!). Maybe he'll go back to that one. I can only hope.

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Lisa Marie said...

That is sooooooooo "Mikey". I don't know just when he started, but it created a flood of funny memories for all of his siblings. One of which occurred when he was maybe 7 or 8. Eric and Matt would stand in front of the dishwasher, and taunt Mike until he came running at them, full force, head lowered into head-butting position. Then, at the last second, they would jump out of the way, and he would hit the dishwasher and crumple to the ground. I'm surprised he was always able to walk away from them so easily. Yes, "them"- I don't know how many times he fell for it before he finally figured it out.